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Home Repairs to Do Before Moving In

By Ireviewuread

Moving into a new place is a daunting experience. There are many things you need to do, from adapting to the new environment to furnishing up your home, the list seems endless. However, one of the most important things you need to do is to repair your house before you move in. Here are some home repairs you should do before moving in:


One of the things you should always do before moving your furnishing in is to decide what to do with your walls. Do you want to use wallpaper or do you prefer them to be covered with a coat of paint? All these issues are much easier to be rectified without loads of furniture blocking your way.


Like the walls, repairs regarding the floor should be done with an empty house rather than a filled one, especially when it comes to the ground that you will be standing on. You should make a decision on what kind of flooring you want, be it carpet, wooden flooring or leaving it as it is.


These days open floor plans are popular for it not only presents a modern layout but it makes your home look bigger as well. However, not all lifestyles are suitable for an open floor plan. For example, if you are fond of cooking, you might want to consider sectioning off the kitchen for the odour from your cooking may travel and 'stick' to the rest of your home as well.

Next, if you're purchasing a home in an apartment, you have to consider that not all walls could be hacked for it may damage the integrity of the building.


Aside from the open floor plans, there are many elements one need to repair and refurbish in their kitchen. From the type of stoves (gas or electric) to the layout you wish to create, these decisions have to be made before the furnishings arrive. If one were to go for a gas stove, or the previous house has a gas stove, checks have to be made to ensure that there is no leakage in the pipes.

Electrical & Plumbing

From utilising your Google Home to using the bidet, all these require electrical and plumbing to be done before you can use them. Even if the house comes with plumbing and wiring, it is still important to test them out for they may malfunction and cause a mess in the near future. Not to say, putting off such repairs may pose a significant risk as well.

Closet System

Preparing a closet system that suits your lifestyle is more important than you realise. From the extra shelving to the excess closet space, all these storage spaces need to be taken into consideration to fit your lifestyle. Too much clutter in an area will not only hinder your productivity but it takes up space in your mind too. Thus, it is important to cater for each closet to your lifestyle and your needs.


It's better to be safe than sorry. When you're in a new home, you should always change out the locks and install additional security elements like CCTVs. These days, you can get digital locks on your doors and gates that save you the trouble of carrying a bunch of keys around.

If you are looking for a safer place to live in so that you don't need to install a state of the art security system, check out the real estate for sale in Whistler.

Another option is to check out the neighbourhood of your choice at different times of the day before moving there. That will help you determine if the place is your ideal location for you and your family.

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