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Why Do You Wear Make Up?

By Bbeautylove @bbeautylove

This is a slightly different style of post for me as it is, you could call, autobiographical. I don’t do many posts like these but as I have a beauty blog I thought it probably makes sense to tell you all why I love make up, how I got started and what my favorite products are. 


You will have seen this type of ‘tag’ video on YouTube and many bloggers have now added their own version via the written word and as that is my preferred voice here it goes. I hope you enjoy and I hope there are things you identify with and understand but also some things that make you laugh, as my early make up attempts were quite cringe worthy!

So, back to the beginning…

My first ever memory of make up was when I was very, very young. Not even three. I always remember Ma using very little make up but the one thing I always remember is her Rimmel Stick Concealer. I remember playing with it, even trying to eat it, so much so that she even took a picture of me with said item! After that I don’t remember much else until I was at school.

I was quite a tomboy for most of my younger years and so make up never really became of any importance until I started high school and developed spots. Yep, those damn teenage years! I suffered with really bad acne and I had developed an obsession with Bobbi Brown. I can’t really remember how but I think we walked past one of their counters and I was hooked straight away. So, Ma took me along for a ‘makeover’ where I was covered in make up and I loved it! 

I remember Ma bought me the foundation stick (as this covered up my spots really well), a pink lipgloss and soft brown eyeliner called ‘Blonde’ (I still have it!) that the lady showed me how to use all over the lid or as a liner. I then proceeded to buy a Ruby &  Millie eyeliner brush and the rest is history. I would wet the brush every morning before dunking it into the eyeshadow and draw a soft line along my lid. I would then smush on the foundation stick and be good to go.

Then I discovered other eyeshadow colours from cheaper brands like Miners, Miss Sporty and Rimmel and for the next few years wore every color that I could to school. Turquoise, baby pink, pale blue, brown, green and an ill-advised hot fuchsia. Yep, all to school. I also discovered mascara during this time and ventured into concealer to further cover up my spots.

As my skin improved and my taste got better (slightly) at college I wore very little make up. By this time though I had discovered blusher and lipgloss and so that was my every day look. I was also going out clubbing (even though underage) and so started experimenting with black eyeliner and brighter lipstick. I could never quite use liquid liner properly as it got everywhere so I would use black kohl and smudge it up. Also during this time of ‘minimal make up’ I discovered a No7 lipstick in an orangey toned brown/nude that I thought was amazing and wore it most days without much eye make up, so my lips looked huge as there was nothing else on my face to compete!

Then from 19 until now I have championed the black liner and thick, full lashes look. This is my favorite and with the new style eyeliner pens it is super quick for me to do. I also love plenty of blusher, a lighter foundation and a good lipstick. For daytime I like soft pinks and nudes but for night time it is full on red, burgundy, bright pink and orange all the way.

Without make up, I feel ok. I never go out without make up but I feel comfortable to go without it if I haven’t got anywhere special to go. Otherwise I will do a full face of make up in no sweat, around 10 mins to get everything I want on. I don’t wear anything heavy and the only product I have to wear everyday (apart from some base) is mascara. My life without mascara is not worth living!

My top three make up items would be; mascara (preferably Max Factor or CoverGirl), foundation (either Dior Nude or L’Oreal True Match) and liquid eyeliner (I love Soap & Glory Supercat liner).

My main reasons for loving make up in the beginning was covering up bad skin. It was red, blotchy, uneven and nasty and so I used to look make up as a way to disguise. But over the years I have learnt it is more about enhancing what you have got. I have long lashes but without mascara they don’t reach their true potential. I have ok skin, but without base it can look dull. 

I now like how my face looks with make up and know how to make the best of my features and what styles suit me. And the great thing with make up is the possibilities are endless. And I love that!

So maybe I won’t wear bright blue or pink eyeshadow every day anymore, but at least I know I have the option too…

Please let me know if you like this post and what your first make up memory was. Apologies for the photos. I turn into a gurning idiot when someone points a camera at me!


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