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Why Are Super Fruits Sooooo Super???

By Sarahohm @sarahohm
Good evening Beautiful,
The weekend is oooover!! Boo! I think it's at this point every weekend that I say "I'd pay $500 for it to be Friday night...", but alas - I'm never offered the opportunity.
How was your weekend?
I just got back from seeing Zero Dark Thirty with Carlton. It was SO GOOD! It was really long, the movie started at 1:40 and we got out at 4:30... however, you know how during some movies you get bored at some point through out really long movies? I didn't find myself bored at all during this movie. I didn't know any of the actors in the film, but I kind of liked that. I won't describe the movie in case you haven't seen it. However, I would highly recommend going to see it. Super interesting!!
I ended up not doing a yoga video yesterday. Why? Because for some reason I was exhausted yesterday! I was studying and fell asleep.. woke up to go do the groceries and around 10pm even Carlton was ready for bed. What the hell? I feel like I'm 50 years old, going to bed at 10pm on a Saturday? Oh well. Needless to say unfortunately I did not sleep well last night because of C's snoring habits again. He ordered this mouth guard type thing that's supposed to help with the snoring but it hasn't arrived yet. I ended up getting up at 7:30 this morning and had a small nap between 10:15 and 11:15. I really hope that I'm tired enough tonight that I can pass out into a deep sleep so I'm not woken up by some snoring.
Needless to say I didn't workout today either. To be honest with you, I think I knew after I was finished work on Friday that I wasn't going to be working out this weekend. I worked out 5 days this week so I wanted a break. The lack of sleep wasn't part of the plan, but it happened so it really confirmed my plans of not working out. My meals have been pretty great this weekend though! Yesterday I had the smoothie that I had talked about and then I made my gluten free chicken noodle soup, except instead of chicken I used shrimp and sausage. It was sooo good, and I have more left over that I will be eating as part of dinner tonight.
This morning when I got up I decided to cook myself and C a great breaky!
Why Are Super Fruits Sooooo Super???
We had scrambled eggs, bacon, hash browns and fruit! Delish :). I guess for lunch I technically had theater popcorn. I know, I know.. and know what else? I'm eating chicken wings tonight because it's the SUUUUUPERBOOOOOWL! I used caps and multiple vowels to make it sound like I'm excited, however I really don't know much about football, so I'll probably just study. Haha, I'm so lame when it comes to sports.
I recently had someone ask me about super fruits so I want to share some fun information about them with you! A lot of people think they are the “cure all” answer they’ve been looking for... but do you really know which fruits are actually deemed “super”? Or what the actual benefits are from said Super Fruits? Let me answer your questions for you!
Here is a fun little list of the most popular super fruits right now...
Acai BerriesApplesWhy Are Super Fruits Sooooo Super???BananasBlackberriesBlueberriesCantaloupeCherriesCitrus FruitCranberriesDragon FruitGrapesGrapefruitKiwiOrangesPlumsPomegranateStrawberriesAvocadosTomatoesPapayasRaspberriesPumpkinWatermelonPineapple
The first thing I wanted to set straight was the question, what is it that makes a fruit a “super fruit”? Why are they so much better than everything else...? Fruits that are deemed “super” are done so because they combine exceptional nutrient richness and antioxidant quality with appealing taste that can stimulate and retain loyalty for consumer products. A superfruit is thought by many consumers to be any fruit offering value beyond basic nutrition. Key criteria for superfruit success appear to include novelty, perceived health benefits, convenience, reliable supply, and effective promotion (source).
I won’t go through and explain the significance of each superfruit, because that would result in a seriously long post and a lot of reading for you. I’ve linked each food above to a website that states the benefits of it, so if you have some specific fruits from the list that you want to look into, just click and read for yourself :).
Some of the superfruits such as Acai Berry which are indigenous to the rain forests aren’t available in the fresh form in this area, so I’d recommend buying them in a powder form so you can add them to smoothies (as an example)!! You can get some those kinds of supplements on websites such as this one! I'd definitely recommend consulting a doctor or naturopathic doctor before trying to treat a medical issue with super fruits. If you have any additional questions about them, leave me a comment and I'll try and answer them for you!Ok! I'm off to study and eat chicken wings and gluten free soup. What did you do this weekend??? Did you run any races? I saw a lot of people did... Did you see any movies? Sleep well? :)
Why Are Super Fruits Sooooo Super???
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