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Why a Book?

By Myfilmproject09

Why a book?
I've mentioned the travel book I'm finishing up and putting on, which is similar to kickstarter but has one good feature that kickstarter doesn't have.
Anyways, these are photos I took, except the one above which my illustrator did.
Why a book? Because in between trying to sell my scripts, I decided to write another type of story-telling. Books. You know, those things nobody reads anymore.
So what's the book about?
Travelling down lonesome highways wherever I can find one. And finding little town cafes and truckstops. I live for these places and can sit and watch for hours. And I've used a lot of stuff I've seen on the road that made me screenplays better.
Why a book?
So what's it called?
You've seen the title already. How Not To Get Beat-Up In A Small-Town Bar.
Whattya think?
Little big of background. Some of my best times is driving up to Canada and finding different highways where I can find a good burger and interesting people, which, in America, isn't hard to find.
I've driven about half a million miles or so and with that, a lot of memories. I remember stopped in Yellowstone NP and talked to a young traffic controller while waiting for the road to clear, she talked about her life and then a cowboy parked behind my car and joined us, he even pulled out a few beers. 
Why a book?
Then there was the woman at an Idaho truckstop who was bent on putting down her dog because of it's illnesses and she, the waitress and I talked it over finally convincing the woman to keep the dog.
I have a few hundred of these stories and never really thought about writing some of them. Then I heard an actress, Marylou Henner, who was on that TV series Taxi back in the 80's. She has one of those memory things, can remember incredible amounts of memories. 
She also said that everyone has something in their life that they will remember more than anything else.
Why a book?
So that got me thinking, and since I had stories I told to friends, about the road and the truckstops and they told me to write them, even if they aren't scripts.
So I did that.
I collected about 20 stories ranging from the truckstop lady to Paris, France and even a tiny town in Oregon in the middle of nowhere called Rome.
So next week I'm going to put it out for the world, hoping at least a few people will read it and help our cause. Publishing the book.      
I'll also give you a link to the website so you can sneak in and have a look. Free.
And yes, there is a story about almost getting beat-up in a small town bar. 
Why a book?

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