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Who Turned the Lights out All Over Britain?

By Davidduff

Well, not exactly 'all over Britian' but just here in my village!  Dammit, no power means no computer which means (gulp) conversation with the 'Memsahib'!  Now I'm not paranoid but it's very odd that during this 5-6 hour outage someone or something spent hours, and I do mean hours, trawling through my blog's search engine looking for references to the words "duty" and "confrontation".  Personally, I blame the CIA just because they are to blame for everything that goes wrong in the world and also, of course, the undoubted fact which has obviously noted in certain quarters that I am sometimes less than reverential towards the HOCUS-POTUS!  Anyway, just in time, because the 'Memsahib' was well on her way down the list of 'Things-To-Be-Done-Pronto', the power came back on and - thank God - I'm back in front of my computer.

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