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Where We Are with the House

By Wendiw80 @asouthernyogi
It's been a crazy weekend. We hunted for houses, went back and forth with the buyers and still have no conclusion. They buyers are investors so they have no emotional attachment to the purchase. They are offering way low so we are trying to bring them up as much as possible. The other thing is that they have to inspect the home and there is a fear on our part that there may be an issue with our roof. We'd like to say, if you buy this house at this price, it's as is, but they have already expressed a concern with the roof.
in the meantime, we've found a house that we LOVE on the Eastside and are wanting to make an offer. We haven't heard a response with our last counter and that's what we need before moving forward.
How I'm feeling...
Stressed. I'd like to sell this house but it's getting to the point where it may not be in our best interest to do so. Assuming that they will buy as is, we're good to go. But if they want to offer so low AND us pay for a new roof, it's beginning to become unfeasible.
I know that it will work out the way it's supposed to but it's so hard to not have some emotion attached to the outcome. I'm stressed, excited, worried all in one and have had some trouble sleeping. That is unusual for me. I NEVER have a hard time sleeping.
We'll probably know later today about where we are with the acceptance but will still have to wait about 15 days for the inspection. AAUUUGGGHHH. This is very hard to do.
This is a time when I need to detach from emotion more than ever but am having a hard time doing so. Bleh.

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