Self Expression Magazine

Where’s The Love

By Amazingtre @amazingtre

I will like to be Held tight by an Angel who can love me for life

Where is she, Ms Right who can Indulge in my life Like a Burglar in the night

With out a  sound as she enter as her wings spread casting Light in to my Dark Sight

Allowing chills to roam down my spine Like an Eskimo in the winter time   Until her warmth filled my igloo with comfort

Expressing to me that I was Reserved for Her like a Kidney of a Donor, From above she was sent most wait a life time but for me it was Instant.

I witnessed a Fairy Tail exist in my beliefs, knowing that every touch of Comfort was molded and destined for me so many can not live so desperately but deeply loath vividly through my Angel and Me, from the beginning this Impeccable picture was painted so clearly….

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