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Time Zone

By Amazingtre @amazingtre

My time is now and yours is Grey so enter your “Time-Zone” n Behave your age!!!!

Time zone where majority of the remaining population of non- prosperous never enter in result of self denial of their current age.

Some say that most people are afraid to enter the next stage, holding on to past strengths of any that gave them the “Title” of how society mention or perceives them..

Other say that some of the youth are skipping Time Zones trying to duplicate others life’s by  living on a fast route which does not add up to their year of birth when questioned upon.

I think People should live their life and let go when someone else time to take charge is next in line, this whole cycle is screwed up when the younger and older fail to let the rightful age do their job for whatever particular event of the studies that take place..

Time Zone

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