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By Amazingtre @amazingtre

Luvs is known to be “One in a Million”
Lust is a “Billion out of a Billion”
As “True love continues to be “prosperous”
Which dwells In the midst of “ONCE in a Life Time”
The way you play your cards is how u decide
One who strive for perfection
Knows deep inside that there’s no such things of a impeccable life
But by the way they act you won’t be able to Question it
If they abuse “There-selves” chances are they’ll ruin you
In life you just have to live and do you
By living committed to your goals
Will leave your intruders dancing on coals
Only if perseverance remain Inevitable
If you find love “Note” that you have stayed true to thyself
No need of anyone’s approval once you strive for your dreams
Glued to your own standards not what others perceive
If you value yourself as the best then less of another wouldn’t consist
In the end you will only get what you put in
So adore yourself endlessly with no conceit
Then you will only attract those who treat u like a King/Queen
Not a servant but royalty will be granted to produce mutually
Being a Puppeteer is not what in mind
So always stay dedicated when you utilize your mind

~Artistic inclined with Written speech to Puzzle Visions into people beliefs

(That’s Meeh!)

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