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Sustain Or Collapse

By Amazingtre @amazingtre

Knowing about the world we reside in is very different from the Upper class down to the Lower, so I’m able to accept many losses because they’re so much more to gain!

Hearts are meant to be broken and Brains are prosperous with growth, re frame from thinking with your Heart being that Brains are the way to go!

Growth is granted with time not everyone is fit to be a Leader in life, some people will rebel even if change was the only way in their way, So never let your issues turn against you!

You’re scared & paranoid to speak the truth but you gladly accept their Physical &Mental abuse!

A close mouth will not become fed, it will leave you to drown in your own vomit, speak your mind it will become your strongest accomplishment!

If they can’t see the goodness in you know that you can see the hatred in them, that’s why I’m not offended by what people say, I’m only troubled when I witnessed their “Confidence” being the camouflage for their own self hate!

Assumptions are only made by those who don’t think! Since there is a price to pay likes the brain which is a terrible thing to waste!

Become your own follower so you can unleash the Leader in you!

Your kindness is your worst enemy, self destruction defeats many!

If our mind was a closet being a size of a content, which stores data in a whole “lifetime” then every shoe isn’t meant to be tied  and  every jean is not  meant to be creased, so sort out your thoughts & keep what you need!

Your only weak because you strength is out of your reach, you’ll be better in time once you leave your bitter past behind!

You’re not old they’re just young being that your wise in their very nature as they are waiting to assemble their time from God the creator!

Some people stick together because their UN-happy and that’s all they know or is it that they communicate and that’s why they grow, Life will teach you so allow your patience to show!

Don’t let negativity get in your way note people are user they have your worst interest so pay attention for their cruel intentions!

Something’s are better unsaid because talk is cheap- my Actions are how I achieve!

If biting your tongue was a crime then let society be fined because I speak my mind!

Knowing who you are is the beginning of your journey, obstacles Awaits!


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