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I Know Who I Am

By Amazingtre @amazingtre

I know my place in life and what car to ride that will conquer my journeys as they arrive.

I keep my engine filled wit petroleum, Can’t think on a empty stomach so an oil change shall keep my goals from crumbling.

Have to increase the quality on the break pads or just slow down in life by releasing the gas, Your  future is not going anywhere except for your past.

A wheel alignment will work fine allowing you to continue on your daily four wheel drive.

Be weary of pot holes and speed bumps, Mistakes are only given to the chosen ones..

You are your best pedestrian, So allow the rushing to be up to the paramedics

Pay attention to your exit so you wont live to regret it.

Car -Pools  are for those who need protection, Its your dream not what your passenger suggested.

In life you are who you choose to be, Nothing less than your own identity.

So why let it waste on someone else beliefs, Your visions are what keeps your focus  in sink.

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