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Where's Kelvin McKenzie and The Sun When We Need Them?

By Davidduff

Der Spiegel has been kind enough to provide a summary of German views of Dave's Europe speech.  Most of them are thoughtful and also totally dependent on their own internal political stance - so no difference from our press then!  However, Bild, which is a German tabloid, has its own idiosyncratic take on us Brits and offers eight reasons why they don't need us or want us:

"… because they drink stale beer +++ because they drive on the wrong side of the road. +++ because they consider black pudding, Marmite and vinegar and chips to be delicacies +++ because their electrical plugs are different from those on the Continent +++ because they don't use the metric system +++ because Germany's currywurst (sausage) tastes better than fish and chips +++ because they have greater debts than Greece, Spain, Portugal and Ireland together +++ because even without your bagpipes, we will still have plenty of idiots in Brussels."

Fair enough, can't argue with too much of that, although at least we don't go around dressed in tight-fitting leather shorts (well, outside Brighton, that is), but anyway, it's auf Wiedersehen, Pet, and do try not to kick off on one like you did the last two times we left you on your own!


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