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Where Am I?

By Myfilmproject09

So I'm here nor knowing where my distributor Bill is but I do know his brother and someone who is selling Ghostkeeper on his own. I discovered where the someone is. And the distrib's brother who does not want to do anything with the Bill. I don't know how or why his brother and the mystery man do not want to know anything about Bill.
So where is Bill. He said hello to me that he said he was in the hospital.
But what hospital? How many hospitals can you count in L.A., or in Seattle where I knew where he was for the 14 yrs before it expired. And what makes his brother and mystery man who both say they will not speak  to him again. What did he do? Or not do.
I suppose that it's got something to do with videos as either he stole videos or take what belongs to him. But once again, it seems to not be only Ghostkeeper only. A few weeks ago I got emails from both Bill's brother and mystery man.
Both of them will not have anything to do with Bill.
Once again, they will not have anything to do with Bill.
So what does that have to do with me? Bill's brother emailed me to say he's found a DVD of Ghostkeeper, and that's all he knows about his brother. Or at least used to know.
But why does Bill's brother "find" a real 35mm feature film of Ghostkeeper for me?. I'm not sure what that's about. I wouldn't mind the 6 or so reels but hardly find useful. First I don't have a projector to run it and secondly I don't know how good it could be. I don't carry 6 or 7 reels of 35mm film.
I still didn't really understand him giving me the reels.
So, at this point this is where I am.
First, Bill's distribution memorandum Ghostkeeper. It's for Code Red DVD. There's a few more points mounting 3 pages of all that stuff nobody wants to read. But I have read it clearly and does not go on till 2019.  Signed by both of us. Ending around 2011.
So we're now in 2019 and someone I don't know is selling my now being sold blu-ray movies.

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