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When the Book Is Closed but the Story Doesn't Get Over

By Wilsontom @wilsontom1
When the Book Is Closed but the Story doesn't get overAfter finishing your readings, you just close your book and after putting it away, and starts doing some other works. Still you’re smiling and laughing by recalling the incidence happened in the story you just read. Same thing happened in our daily life, when the book is closed but the story doesn’t get over. A memory resurfaces. Maybe it's a song that reminds you. Sometimes it's a flash of memory. A place you went to, a smell that conjures it all back up. It's the knife that twists and reminds you that under your smile, there is a wound that is not yet fully healed. Today am writing about this because am now missing my college days and many incidents is revolving inside my mind as a flashback.Entering to a life of professionalism is something like losing virginity in teen age itself. Before entering to a professional life we had a short period of gratification named college life. I spend my college life in Sri Venkateswara College, Delhi University, and was really an unforgettable experience for me. I made lots of friend among which some are really close to my heart. College is a platform to mold you to a better individual. In college bunking seems to be an unavoidable phenomenon, and I have bunked many classes and spent my time with my fellow friend in canteen or we have gone any place which come to our mind. Now I don’t know why am thinking about my college days but I am sure that am really missing those days. When the Book Is Closed but the Story doesn't get over
Today the life has taken a drastic turn where we are in a same routine of life, daily woke up, doing workout then going for work and coming back and go to bed. This was not the way we were earlier life was witty. We had enough time to spend with each other, or connected somehow and were always updating each others status. Or it would be better to say that if anyone wants to know what or where my best friend is simply ask me and I would rather tell better than him.
When the Book Is Closed but the Story doesn't get over

But everything has change with the breeze, today if I check my mobile phone I would find rarely those numbers. At that time many people told me that this enjoyment is till you are in the college and when the gate of college is closed for you, there will be only selected friends who will be standing along with you, other will be busy with their family or some other engagement which will never end. At that time it was hard to digest and even I didn’t take their words seriously. Today I just recall the sweet memories shared with lots of smiles with my friends but the same time feels bad when those are not around me.

When the Book Is Closed but the Story doesn't get overWhen I started thinking about the distance between us. I just understand that it is just because everyone, even am busy with my own life. In this busy life no body can’t spare there valuable time. But this is not the way to life, without enjoying our life. When I started thinking my perception has changed towards my own life, and arise certain questions; why do we wait? Why do we hold back? Why do we let fear stop us from saying the things our hearts beg us to say? The things that are sweetest, the things that are kindest, the things that are the most meaningful, the things that are the most real... these are the things we keep locked up.  These are the things we allow the possibility of embarrassment, the fear of rejection, to keep silent.
We are given so few years on this earth.  And every moment is a gift that could be the last one. We very often tells each other that “you are an idiot” or “you worth for nothing”, it just because even we love but don’t want them to realize that. Even though we tell that you don’t worth it may be the precious person to you. And we keep hidden all the “I love you’s” and the “you are special to me”. I have realized that we should not wait to say what we feel and give our voice to your heart without any fear.

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