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Happy World Tourism Day - 2013

By Wilsontom @wilsontom1
World Tourism Day of 2013 which is to be celebrated and absorbed by people from across the globe on 27th of September is celebrated under a theme ‘Tourism and Water: Protecting Our Common Future’. The official celebrations of this year WTD will take place in Maldives, and the theme will mainly focus on water access and the actions presently taken by the sector sequentially to contribute to an additional sustainable water prospect along with confront forward. The main focus this year is on saving the vital resource of water that is needed by all of us.
Happy World Tourism Day - 2013Targeted at making certain of the tourism sector's part to protect the water resources, this year celebration of WTD in Maldives will comprise a High-Level Think Tank which will fetch jointly civic and personal tourism stakeholders and water specialists to create rules and tactics.

Recognizing the vital and crucial importance of tourists and tourism all across the globe, it is an observance by UN and is not a civic holiday. The day is specially aimed at the international community to promote consciousness tourism and its various aspects of socio, economical, cultural and political magnitude. The Secretary-general of UNWTO sends out message to all the universal public to mark the event. The theme for each year stands different like for example: the host for 2009 was Ghana and the theme was ‘Tourism-Celebrating Diversity’. Tourism has become one of the perfect sources of income for many developing countries which are developing along with the increasing number of tourists in the country.

Several competitions take place including tourism areas presentation, photos promoting tourism etc. Among others are the discount entries or special or free entries of tourism place according to their interest. Various government, leaders or business representatives of travel companies may also announce publicly about special tours to promote both of their region and World Tourism Day at once. People working on several tourist organizations have a top interest on this day, as it marks the vital importance of tourism on the same day. Tourism is one of the fastest growing industries throughout the world; the dynamics of tourism has developed many places which are now keen places of interests for tourists. Tourism has aided a lot to many countries in bringing up the socio-economy of the country.  

As a part of the celebration Manipur Tourism forum will be organizing competition and certain activities at the Loktak Lake surrounding Area like : Photography Competition, Local Boat Racing by Bishnupur District Canoeing and Kayaking Association, Manipur Tourism Forum in association of MMTA wills also organizing a one day Water Adventure activities camp. Individual and groups will have the opportunity to experience water adventure activities like water Skiing, water Zorbing, Air Boat etc.

Happy World Tourism Day - 2013
In late September of 1979, UNWTO determined to organize World Tourism Day which was initially celebrated on September 27, 1980. The birthday of the implementation of the UNWTO Statutes on September 27, 1970 was taken as the date for World Tourism Day owing to the fact. As the dates come at the time of ending the high tourist season in the northern hemisphere and commence the tourist season of the southern hemisphere, the UNWTO supposed it to be a suitable date. 

Clean and reachable water is very much needed for tourism which largely depends on water from restaurants, hotels, transportation to leisure activities.

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