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A Motorcycle Dairy of Desert-ed Thar

By Wilsontom @wilsontom1 a gap of 1 year I had my Motorcycle road trip. This time my mission was to explore The Thar desert, in Rajasthan with my best buddy Shanky. Everything was according to our plan, all the equipments and a necessary things was arranged and we were ready for our trip. We were supposed to sleep early but our friend Mr. Rahul Gambhir, who is very p-u-n-t-u-a-l and has been awarded many times for his punctuality in the form of swears and abuses, helped us to be up till 2 O Clock. Subsequently, we finished packing and chatting by around 2’o’clock and then slept till 6:30 am, as opposed to our plan of sleeping early and start the trip at 4 am. But, whatever happens…..happens for good. After dropping Rahul at Vasant Kunj Bus Stop, our journey started. Time 7’o’clock.
Our adrenaline was pumping up, as soon we crossed Gurgaon toll. Excitement was gushing as RPMs were rising.  Enroute Rewari and Ateli our first stop was at Narnaul,  around 150 kms, where we had our breakfast. Here we took a little more time as Shanky’s luggage was creating problem, so we had to reinstall it. In all my trips, the first halt that we take we rest for a good amount of time, whatever the reason may be, but after the first halt we got a good speed and consistency. After the breakfast we left for Jhunjunu, where in between Shanky took a wrong turn and we both went solo for a while. Due to the crowded Gol-Chakar (roundabout) at Singhana, Shanky crossed me and I couldn’t see it. I was driving slowly on the correct track when one of the locals asked me if I was looking for an Enfield wala….yahi se bhagate huay legaya hai . Just then Shanky called me and said he reached around 35 Kms further at Chidawa. I was surprised in just few minutes he rode 20 miles!!!! I didn’t waste my time started my bike and gave the accelerator to the end. The road was really amazingly clean straight road with very less traffic, and then I realized how he fired (after all it was a BULLET aswell) the 20 miles in few minutes. I wanted to stop for a while and explore the beauty of that beautiful road, with blossomed Sunflower both side of the road. The panorama of that particular stretch of road was simply incredible, but I couldn’t stop and took pics as I was in a hurry to catch-up Shanky at Chidwa.
A Motorcycle Dairy of Desert-ed TharWhen I reached Chidwa, Shanky was waiting at a tea stall, and he was chit chatting with localaties. Soon we resumed our journey, The road from Fatepur till Bikaner was amazingly beautiful and straight long stretch of around 200 Kms, One  can even close his eyes and ride as there will be very few vehicles’ in the road. But you will get some, (few) under construction road in between to make you slow down. The view of sunset while in a road trip is spectacular and that too if it is in a place where you never been before, made it more special for me. Now we realized that we are little late, so we decided not to stop anywhere, we made little more rush. But as the sun set, it became dark. Now the major problem was there were no streetlights, and also we were on NH 11 heading to Bikaner which was under construction. Due to the construction and the dust which affected our vision and since it was dark our visibility was very poor due to which our judgment to anticipate the oncoming traffic was crucially affected and made it a very difficult and risky task to reach our destination for the day. BIKANER
By around 7 PM, somehow we managed to reach Benisar. After the sun-set this was the only place we found a dhaba. We were very much tiered and hungry. We had our stuff parantha’s and soon after finished the dinner we left to Bikaner. By around 10 PM we reached Bikaner, where at the very starting itself we found one of our listed hotel which we already had chose : Vijay Camel Man Guest House, we entered and checked the rooms and after a slight negotiation we managed to get the AC Room for Rs.1ooo. Both of us were really tiered after finishing all formalities we checked into our room and dozed off ASAP.
A Motorcycle Dairy of Desert-ed TharAfter getting fresh up and having our tea, we checked out and geared-up for Karni Matha temple, around 25 Kms from Daislok. Usually this temple is isolated and very few people visits but due to the Dusshera time lots of devotees were visiting the famous Karni Matha Rat temple. I was eager to explore the Rat temple. As our luggage was tugged on our bikes, removing it and visiting the temple would’ve wasted a lot of time. So we decided that one of us will go inside the temple, if it is worth visiting then next one also will go. So I went to the famous Karni Matha rat temple. We have to remove our shoes to enter the temple. And for camera, they will charge 20 Rs. As soon as you enter the main gate you will start seeing rat running here and there. When I put my 4th step one rat passed through my feet and I jumped off, took a snap, and went back. It was enough for me; I didn’t have the go further.
Then we started our journey to Jaiselmer, for which we had to cross Bikaner again. Somewere near Kanji Ki Sird, we stopped for lunch. The foods prepared by the Rajasthani’s are amazing, initially I thought that the food won’t be as good as Punjab’s but I was wrong. Marwari cuisine was also great; here we had a Makki ki Roti, with amazing Dal fry, and Panner Burji. Here people don’t use much oil and ghee. Clean, healthy, natural food is what you get mostly. In the afternoon when sun is at its best, on top of our head, it was really hot, and also as we were all geared up with our armor and jackets we were more exhausted. While riding we don’t feel that hot, but as you stop you feel the heat with the gear and the jacket on.
A Motorcycle Dairy of Desert-ed TharIn this trip, what we commonly found unusual was that the locals were so surprised to see us, as if we were some aliens; never seen before. Where ever we stopped, people came to us, asked us where we were going, where we came from, why we are going and checked out our armor and stuff…… so for us it was a bit like a celebrity kind of affair! We felt very proud as we were receiving so much attention; very different from my Ladakh trip where it was a common sight to see geared up bikers on trips. One thing I learned from my celebrity experience here is that these locals can eat a lot of your time while halting; which can mismanage your trip schedules. One simple solution; tell them that you’re a student, that cuts off a lot of questions.  
The NH15 is a highway which should be renamed or regarded as a “Runway”. Riding on it is like a heavenly experience. One can test his bike’s top speed very easily. With the road looking clear till the horizon and the excellent condition it is, I just fell in love riding on this road. But with the romance comes the ugly reality that one may fall asleep(less possible on 2 wheeler) easily. So we took frequent breaks to revitalize ourselves by having tang & glucose directly without H2O. By around 7 PM we reached Jaisalmer and as we were about to enter the city, we were chased by a lot of hotel touts chasing us as it was lean season. But we were not happy with their options and moved ahead for a while. After checking our hotel options list we reached Hotel Tokyo Palace; good enough and close to the Golden fort as we required. The hotel was absolutely worth staying for Rs.1200, AC room with twin bed and all modern amenities along with swimming pool facilities.
A Motorcycle Dairy of Desert-ed TharEarly morning we got up and got ready for Jaisalmer sightseeing. At the street market we had some amazing snaky breakfast of Mirch Pakorda & Kachori; literally a mouthwatering experience, delicious hot Jalebi as sweet dish. Next, we visit the Mandhir Palace for which the entry cost Rs.60 and for Camera Rs.30; the entry fee was being used for the maintenance of the Palace and of the family and also was paid to the Government. The palace was not up to that mark; it’s a heritage palace which is still being preserved by the Maharaja’s family and the great grandson is taking care. Later we went to Golden Fort, i.e., Jaisalmer Fort. Inside the palace it was more like a citadel full of shops and guest houses. We were allowed to take our bike inside the fort and so we had our sightseeing in bike. Later we came back to the hotel and checked out from there and left for Sam Desert, enroute visited Kuldara Village.
At Sam you will find lots of Resorts and tents. We didn’t  make any booking in advance but enquired about the rate. When we reached there and after  a lot of bargaining we got one tent from Mehar adventure Camp for Rs.1000 Per head which included night stay dinner, Camel safari, breakfast and traditional Rajasthani cultural Show. At dinner we experienced the amazing Rajasthani thali which included Dal-Bhati, gate ki sabji, aaloo ki sabji, Kher Shangri, Rice, roti and at the end as desert Surma. The accommodation part was not that good as the tent had no fan and had a lot of mosquitoes singing around our ears and feasting on our blood. After the whole day’s ride we didn’t get a good sleep as the mosquito problem was getting worse; ; even Odomos didn’t stand a fight. Finally, I decided to take the mattress outside the tent and it was quite breezy and dozed off in no time. Early morning the Odomos and the dew started to feel quite sticky and I suddenly realized that I was sleeping outside the tent….in the desert. I started shivering and went inside the tent; remembered geography taught in school about desert type of climate, hot during day and cold at night!
A Motorcycle Dairy of Desert-ed TharEarly morning we got ready and had our breakfast. Later we left Sam and drove towards Jodhpur. Enroute we stopped near Pokran at a dhaba to recharge ourselves. While having chach we were chatting with the Dhaba owner and some others about a very distinctive observation that we 2 bachelors from Delhi observed; we couldn’t find much girls outside and most of them were not quite beautiful (no offense to anyone; just a personal thought) as compared to Delhi, but they argued that there are lots of beautiful girls as well but they don’t get out of home, or if they get out they cover their faces. Later we drove and stopped somewhere 50 Kms before Jodhpur, where we experienced delicious Sev tamatar Ki sabji with Roti, and around 6’Oclock we reached Jodhpur.
After searching for hotels we got at last a guest house near to clock tower. Sarvar Guest house which was an average guest house with homely atmosphere. Normally Jodhpur hotels are expensive, so the convenient place to stay is at a good guest house which will be economical as well hospitable. And if the guest house is located in the main city then you can experience the culture and lifestyle of Jodhur very closely.
Early morning we visited Mehrangarh fort then Mandore garden, enroute had some juice and after checking out from the guest house drove towards Ajmer by around 2’o’clock; enroute we crossed a village named Bar, where we saw the beautiful sunset from the highway; it was really panoramic. From Bar to Ajmer, the road was awesome, like heavenly experience but due to the sunset and darkness we were not able to explore the place very well. After reaching Ajmer, I decided not to stay here rather head towards Pushkar as Ajmer didn’t have much to see. So we moved ahead, enroute we searched for typical Ajmeri dhaba where we could have good non vegetarian dinner, but we were not able to spot any. So we decided to have dinner in Pushkar itself and by around 9:30 PM we reach and got a room at Hotel Sun-Set. The Hotel was average, but its restaurant was at an amazing location facing the lake side and they had some very good collection of music’s which added more peace to the ambience. After check in we had our dinner at the lake side restaurant with the music playing behind us and the lake in front, clear twinkling sky above, cool breezy climate as it was a valley; both of us were appreciating the fact that we didn’t plan to stay in Ajmer for the night! I didn’t know Pushkar was so amazingggg!
 A Motorcycle Dairy of Desert-ed TharNext day morning we had our Pushkar city visit and temple tour. We decided to have street food as breakfast so we had chai with Pava & Dal Pakwan which cost just 50 bucks for two. It was delicious aswell as cheap. After some shopping we checked-out from the hotel and left to Jaipur. In between at Dudu we stopped for have our lunch and around 3 O clock we reached Jaipur. We checked in at a Boutique hotel named Chitra Khata, for which we were charged Rs.600. After freshened up we got ready for our Jaipur sightseeing but by that time the forts were closed so we went to Chowki Dhani to have our dinner. When we reached found huge crowd there, among some people like us were thinking weather to go in or not. Yes, one will think twice before entering it to have thali which starts from Rs.500. We were like OMG when saw the price. So we had no option rather choosing at least that basic thali of 500 and get into that complex. Inside it’s like a mela in a village; there are lots of things like small games, handicrafts, theme parks, etc. but we first concentrated on our Rs. 500 thali and had as much as we can so as to get the worth of the price. No doubt the Thali was amazing and so was the hospitality of the waiters who were serving.
Next day morning we had our Jaipur sightseeing of Amber Fort, Naragarh fort, Junagarh fort, Pana meena ka kund and by afternoon we had checked out and had our lunch on the highway itself. By around 4 O clock we left Jaipur and as we were getting closer to Delhi our excitement started degrading as thoughts of going to office, getting back to routine, same old crowded roads, crawled into our minds. The week long amazing trip was going to end, as we were getting close to Gurgaon; traffic was increasing and as we crossed the Gurgaon toll by around 11’o’clock I don’t know from where, but fireworks lit up the sky like a grand welcome. As it was late and we were starving, we thought of having dinner so went to KFC at Priya, but Only McD was opeded so had some burger and went to home. Reach home by around 12!  And the beautiful trip came to an END.

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