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When Should You Put Up Your Christmas Decorations?

By Angela @daisyangel1
When should you put up your Christmas decorations?
A question sure to spark a debate. For me anytime from the 1st December is OK to start adding festive cheer to the house.  You may choose to start with the Christmas Tree or maybe like me in early December you like to get out the Christmas tablecloth, kitchen roll, hand towels for the bathrooms and of course an advent calendar or advent candle.
When should you put up your Christmas decorationsMaybe you are a traditionalist and like to decorate from the first Sunday of advent, or are you a wait until Christmas eve kind of a person.  Sometimes it can just be a case of when you have the time. There is no right or wrong answer.
2 Weeks Before You Put Up Your Decorations
Which ever date you decide on, it is so worth getting your decorations out of the cupboard, loft or garage a fortnight before you plan to put them up. This allows you time to remind yourself what you have and also to check:-
  • Check the fairy lights work
  • Check for broken/damaged decorations that need replacing.
  • Do you need batteries, for any lights or musical decorations. Add them to your shopping list along with replacement bulbs for lights.
  • Do you need to order a fresh wreath for the front door, or wreaths for family graves.
  • Check your stock of Christmas cards & gift wrap left over from last year.

Christmas garland with lights mantle piece staircase buy

photo credit: House of Fraser

This extra time will allow you to replace any Christmas decorations or lights whilst there is plenty of choice and stock in stores. This year I need to look to replace the Christmas garland that is weaved between the banister rails of the staircase, it also includes fairy lights which looks just magical all lit up in an evening. It is quite a few years old and is rather shabby now with bits falling off. I did look last year but left it far too late and all the good quality garlands were out of stock. I am rather taken with one that has the lights within the garland - as currently I have to thread a separate set of lights through my Christmas garland. 

If you were very organised you will have a note attached to your Christmas decorations box, giving you a prompt or shopping list as you were putting them away the previous year. How super organised would that be! 

when should you put up your Christmas Decorations Preparing for Christmas
When do you like to put up your Christmas decorations?

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