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When Opium Was For Newborns And Bayer Sold Heroin

By Gerard @presurfer
When Opium Was For Newborns And Bayer Sold Heroinimage credit
There was a time when mothers gave their babies opium, people bought hallucinogens at the local bar, and anxious patriots sent hypodermic needles and cocaine to soldiers as a present.
Today we have Bayer Aspirin. It relieves headaches. In the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, they had Bayer Heroin. It was most often a cough syrup, though it probably took care of headaches as well. This, and many other drugs were used for everyday maladies. The period between 1870 and 1918 was called The Great Binge - and people shoved everything into their bodies that they could.The Presurfer

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