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When It’s Over (teen Relationships)

By Darcsunshine


Sometimes the healthiest relationships run their course and it becomes clear that the only option is to break up. Obviously, this can be a really hard call to make, but lots of conflict, a decrease in the amount of time you spend together, or realizing that your feelings have changed can all mean that it’s time to end things…and let’s face it, if you’re fighting more than you’re laughing, what’s the point of being together anyway? So how do you do it? Every break up is different, so there aren’t instructions you can follow every time. Breaking up with someone—or getting broken up with—is tough…but it’s also probably not the hardest thing you’ll go through. Lean on your family, your friends, and your hobbies during the tougher times. You would be surprised how much it’ll help to talk to people who love and care for you or to distract yourself with books, movies, working out, playing sports—doing more of whatever it is that you like to do. It doesn’t seem like it now, but remember…this feeling won’t last forever.

~Just a Confused Girl~

(my loving daughter)

When it’s over (teen relationships)
When it’s over (teen relationships)
When it’s over (teen relationships)

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