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When GFC Closes Down

By Kaidarul @KaiDarul

I get all excited whenever there is a new follower of my blog. However, as Google announced last year, they will be closing some of the services. That includes Google Friend Connect for users. As you all know, my blog is tooled by WordPress blogging system.

By March or April, the services will be closed down by Google. It really has a big impact on me and my blogging. This is why I stopped promoting my GFC since last year. Reaching thousands of followers is easy if you only have the drive to do so. However, with the decision of Google, I lost hope.

That’s why, I am kind of asking you to FOLLOW VIA NETWORKEDBLOGS or BLOGLOVIN. Though I am praying that Google may decide to further go on with GFC, I cannot avoid the fact that it will be closing down. Just imagine losing all of your 251 followers (I have 3 private followers) in a snap? G. I hope Google will realize the effort and time a blogger have gone through upon reaching so much followers.

When GFC Closes Down

It may not put so much weight on me because I have few followers. However, think about Camille Co’s and other bloggers’ followers? What would happen to them when Google discontinues the service? I wonder how would they react to this. For some of us, it may be a small thing. But for Bloggers, IT IS A BIG THING!!!

I hope and pray that Google will not discontinue the service for users. After all, we love Google. That’s why we are using the service. And mind you, starting over again with Google Pages will put all of our past efforts and time to waste. T_T A lot of bloggers will agree to this. I know.

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