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Personal Development: 5 Tips to Control Materialism

By Kaidarul @KaiDarul
Personal Development: 5 Tips to Control Materialism
Materialism is something that each of us is struggling with. We enjoy material things in our lives to the extent that we think we cannot live without them or we constantly need an upgrade. In today's modern era where business marketing is simply incorporated into our daily activities, it is rather harder to decide if what we are eyeing to purchase or get is our need or want.
Let's be honest. It is difficult to say no to the new Macbook when you already have a good laptop, or to that newly-arrived dress in your favorite boutique downtown, or just the new paid app on your App and Play Stores.
How do we combat materialistic urges? It won't be easy, but when we try, it will be worth it.
Unfollow brands on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/Everywhere else!

The main purpose of brands going online is to promote their products to sell more. The truth is most of the brands make use of social media Facebook, Youtube, Google, Twitter, Instagram. A lot of brands actually pays for advertising on these platforms. How do you know that this is a paid ad or not? Just look if it has "Ads by" or "Sponsored" on it.
This actually worked on me. I am addicted to online shopping for hijabs and modest clothings. When Ramadhan came, I vowed to unfollow all the brands on my instagram since I usually browse online shops there. And I managed to get away from buying excessive clothing. Hurrah!
"The Heirarchy of Needs" is just what you need. Other than those are WANTS!

If you don't know, The Heirarchy of Needs is popularized by Abraham Maslow. It is a pyramid that shows us the level of needs of a human being.
Personal Development: 5 Tips to Control Materialism
You see, your needs are actually more on the inner than outer appearance. Our needs will be the first priority. If we know how to determine needs from wants and how to prioritize, we can always get away from excessive spending on material things and spend our extra cash on something that matters more.
You don't need to upgrade your gadgets every time there is a newly-released one. And tbh, it doesn't really matter if you reuse your clothes. 

Why do we worry so much if we don't get to upgrade our gadgets or buy new clothes, cosmetics, etc? We all have the same skin that is there for a lifetime. You can't have a pink skin as you wish (don't even mention of painting it pink, you get my point).
Always give to charity. Trust me, this lessens our urge of materialism esp when you personally hand them out.
We all have more clothes than we actually need/use (then we even think of buying more to the extent that our wardrobe cannot hold them anymore). How about giving some of them out to charity? Uhm, sounds magnificent! Here's a little challenge. In your closet, instead of hanging your clothes the way that you could easily get them, hang them the other way around. At the end of the month/year, look at the hangers that hasn't been touched. You now know which to give out to charity.
Don't even think of pleasing people. They won't be!

We think that when we buy more clothes, upgrade our gadgets, spend more than what we need, we please people. Truth is, no. We can never please people. Even if we are the richest man on earth, we still cannot please people. Instead of pleasing people, please yourself. Again, the highest form of your need is the self-actualization. This can be achieved through prayer, meditation and spirituality. When you have achieved this, as the Buddhist say, you are in your state of Nirvana.
Those were just some of my tips to combat and control materialism. I cannot say that I am not materialistic as I am only human. But, in the best possible way, let us control this evil within us. It will never bring us happiness. Cultivate relationships with fellow people and with your Maker.
That is where the true happiness lies, the genuine one!
Reposted from one of my blogs that I took down. 

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