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Health & Living: Enhance Your Brain Function

By Kaidarul @KaiDarul
Health & Living: Enhance Your Brain Function
There is no organ in our human body that fascinates me more than the brain. It is 2% of our total weight but it controls every process that takes place in our body. It is also the most complex organ. Science says that our brain contains billions, if not trillions of neurons that functions every single moment of our lives.
The brain is composed of two cells which are neurons and glial cells. However, nuerons are viewed as the most important brain cells. They are primarily involved in the sending of signals to specific cells over long distance. That means, neurons can send signal from the brain to as far as the cells in our feet.
To understand the brain further, it is the highly-sophisticated version of the CPU in the computer. That hardware can not even be .01% close to the sophistication that our brains have.
It is said that when our brain does not function well, all processes in our body will not deliver the optimal result. Sometimes, due to brain inefficiency, the person may get ill. This is why we need to know how to take care of our brain.
How do we take care of our brain? Unlike our skin that we can put on as much products from dermatologists, our brain needs certain specific things that we must do to give it its fullest ability.
Eat brain-friendly food and take vitamins.

Basically, this also means that you should not eat food that is an enemy to the brain more than eating brain-friendly food. Know the vitamins and minerals you get from each type of food you consume. I am not saying that you should buy tons of pharmaceutical vitamins and minerals just to enhance your brain. I am more on advocating the knowledge about food and their composition so that we can spend less on drugs and more on what really matters. (Of course, it is much enjoyable to eat than to take drugs.) And know that the list below are the vitamins and minerals your brain needs:
  • Omega 3 - which you can get from fish oil. So, all you need is eat oily kinds of fishes such as Tuna.
  • Vitamin B12 - this helps in keeping your mind sharp as you age. Sea foods, turkey and soya contain a lot of B12 and other vitamins and minerals one needs. 
  • Folic Acid - this is crucial on regeneration and cellular growth. Lack of Folic acid may result into depression and stress. So, keep on munching food rich with this nutrient. Dark leafy vegetables, asparagus, citrus, broccoli, beans, nuts and lentils, okra and many more are rich in folic acid. So stock on these fruits and vegetables and keep them as one of the items in the menu for every meal. Ohh, I'd love a salad right now.
Exercise, meditate and rest your brain.
Inasmuch as you exercise your physical body, the brain needs to be stimulated and awaken also. Make it a habit to answer puzzles, sudoku, brainteasers, and nonverbal tests. 
Of course, if you are the kind of person that thinks a lot the whole day, the brain needs a timeout as well. Get yourself a silent room and meditate. For us Muslims, we do it with dhikr (remembrance of Allah). If you don't like dhikr, then you might want to do some yoga exercise. 
Getting a good sleep is also crucial. While our brain is still functioning when we are asleep, at least the level of work that it has to do will go down. And it can focus on the things that need repair in your body. Basically, when you rest, you are doing your organs a lot of favor. 
Volunteer, socialize and maintain harmonious relationships.
There is nothing more comforting to the brain than having a lasting relationships with the people you love. Keep good ties with people. When you do this, you make the brain feel at ease and accepting. When we do this, we let go of negative thoughts such as jealousy, hatred and many more. 
If there are advocacies you care about, volunteer. If you are in a place where you do not know people, socialize. And if you have friends who got your back, keep them. There is nothing that can give us good life than having people to enjoy it with. 
Luckily for us, our brain needs few other brains to enjoy the moment with, as well. One may say that the heart and the brain are two opposites, but for me, they should go hand in hand. Or else, life would be a catastrophe. You cannot disregard the other for another. 
If our brain bugs down, our whole body does, too. So keep your brain in its best condition. And have a meaningful life. 

Reposted from one of my blogs that I have taken down. 

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