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Whats Your Sex History??

By Lolamillierose

Brits - 4

European - 2

Blacks - 3

That is my number
In my lifetime up to the present day, i have had sex with 9 guys. Im not ashamed of my number, i unfortunately cant say the same for when it comes to the guys in question.
Brits - 2

European -2

Blacks - 1

(see above for my ashamed stats) :-(
Whats your sex history??I dont know what i was thinking at the time, i am mortified to have to say that half of the guys that i have had sex with i am ashamed of looking back at them now. Its a mixed bunch of unattractive, psychotic and "oh no you didn't" as my roommate would say. All i can say in my defence is, i was young and stupid and then throw a pair of beer goggles into the mix and i am fucked......literally. I am almost positive that i am not the only girl out there thats made some questionable choices when it comes to what dicks i have allowed in my nickers (pun intentional)
We all make mistakes, (we are only human after all) luckily enough theres still the other half that i can be proud of. Can you tell i am an optimist at heart. Well maybe proud of is still the wrong choice of word, its more like i do not need to hang my head in shame for these select few.
When does the number of sexual partners you have had become one too many, if there is such a thing as to many anymore. The number is constantly changing when it comes down to different peoples opinions. Some guys have said that they do not like it when a girl has had more sexual partners then themselves but others say they do not even care, they think that the number does not matter.
My ex-boyfriend used to call me a slut all the time. When we argued he would not hesitate to throw that word in my face, thinking it would hurt me somehow. He was obviously insecure about it as he had only had sex with one other person before me, me however had had sex with 6guys before him. I made the mistake of being honest with him and telling him the truth, if id have known that it would of bothered him so much i might of tweaked the number ever so slightly just to make him feel more at ease. What is a lie when its to save hurting someone else, that being said i do not condone lying, but when something happened in your past that is not anything to do with your future why not just simply exaggerate the truth ever so slightly. I do not think that my number would of been an issue to him if he had of had sex with more people than me. 
Nowadays people are getting younger and younger, wanting to experience sex at a much younger age whilst the number of conquests is climbing rapidly for each individual. Girls are just spreading their legs with no hesitation for every Tom, Dick and Harry that comes along and the numbers are just stacking up and up. You come across so many girls nowadays that have experienced one night stands and multiple sexual partners and they have not even reached the legal age.
Times are changing but i do not think that for this reason its changing in a good way.
I have a small group of friends and we are all completely different when it comes to who we have gotten into bed with and how many times we have with different people, that said we may have shared the odd boy or two........not at the same time (sharing is caring lol)
I am not naming/shaming anyone, so do not worry friends, i am keeping you anonymous........
The Over Eager Achiever - She likes sex, lots of sex a lot of  the time. I do not know how she does it but when we go out anywhere, she always manages to bring a boy back home with her, and she does not really need to try. For her, having sex with boys is like breathing, its second nature. Though i would not class her as a slut, she has at times had slutty tendencies or gone through a slutty phase (haven't we all), but come to thinking about it, we have all gone through some sort of a phase at one time or another, what makes it acceptable is that its only a phase, its not long term.
The repeat offender/Born again Virgin - Once i have had something and i like it, i want it again and again, which probably explains why my number has stayed low. I have re-used a guys cock like i have a mascara, over and over and over again until its time to get a new one. That was more my past younger self, now i am unfortunately going down a new path...........abstinence. I have decided i want the next guy i decide to give it up to to be my future hubby so my legs have stayed firmly closed for a while now.The sounds of a porn star - She sounds like a pro, she probably is a pro with the amount of cocks she has ridden. She has the moans and groans that makes you think someone is watching porn, but living in my house i know better. Its my housemate. The walls are thin so a lot of the time i feel like i am included in the action without even being in the room. She likes her men like i like batteries for my vibrator........ hard, long lasting and easy to change with no fuss. 
The one and only -  She did it right, she waited until she was in a relationship where she knew she loved him and he loved her, and still to this present day he has been her one and only. Unlike the rest of us who were eager to give our innocence away to a boy that we thought loved us or to a random so we could just get it gone.
Now as much as id of loved to of waited until the time was right with a guy i truly cared for, i didn't. I was too curious and i honestly didn't care for it at the time, i just wanted to see what all the fuss was about. Looking back on it now at the moment i lost my virginity/gave away my innocence/became a woman/spread my legs for the first time i definitely regret it. I wish i could have a memory that i am proud of and am not ashamed of telling people, but i don't. But theres really no point on dwelling on it now, at least whatever my story, at least its an interesting one that will stay with me forever...........well longer than my virginity did anyways.

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