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By Marlen @mar_bear_
Want some bread spreads and shmears, but the way the Eastern Europeans would have them? Well, you can either come over to my house and I can make you a little plate or we head to the Istanbul deli and get ourselves a little spread of open faced sandwiches. I'll get the salami and hard boiled egg option, and you get the cheese, radish, and grape tomato setup. While we're pretending lunching on the streets of Vienna, we can look the part by wearing long sleeve, floral vintage dresses and shearling-lined coats. Add a gem colored hat to add an interesting pop to the look, and then add some cheek by pairing the soft ensemble with some heavy Dr. Martens oxfords. Now, should you go and request a tray of tea or should I?
  1. Voyeur Vintage floral dress
  2. Mango faux-shearling lined jacket
  3. Mango bucket bag
  4. Rag and Bone wide brim fedora
  5. Dr. Martens 1461 shoes

Coffee is the only thing that gets most of us through the day, but spiked coffee makes it ten times better. No, I'm not talking about pouring some of the good stuff in your mug all sneaky like behind your desk. I'm talking about putting on a vintage plaid skirt and thick sandals and heading out for some coffee infused cocktails. Mix your sweet vermouth and bitters with some dark coffee, and order a round of candied bacon for the table. To add a chic touch to your industrial-skewed outfit, add a structured crop top and a sharp duster vest to add some polish to the grungy look.
  1. Duncan Loves Tess plaid skirt
  2. Topshop tall raw edges sleeveless jacket
  3. Topshop textured shell top
  4. Mango faux leather backpack
  5. Dr. Martens clarissa sandal

It's already been a long week and you don't want your Tuesday to end with just the usual slice of pizza. You need something to pep you up. Something like spiced pineapple and herb-fried chicken on you pie. Or dijon dill cream and tabasco carnitas. Wash that down with some good beer and put your name on the ping pong table waiting list- that should turn your evening around! As to what to wear, go sporty but sweet by pairing your vintage letterman jacket with a pleated leather skirt. Add a peter pan collar to tie in the feminine vibes, and then balance out the look with some clunky Zara sandals and a masculine bag. Work those contrasts. 
  1. Calvin Klein pleated leather skirt
  2. New Old Fashion Vintage 80s letterman jacket
  3. Zara shirt with contrasting collar
  4. Zara leather platform sandal
  5. Black Pagan Vintage leather backpack (only $33!)

Sometime a girl doesn't know if she wants a blood orange pie, a meat pie, or just a warm biscuit with some jam. Don't make yourself choose and instead visit your neighborhood bakery that serves both sweet and savory. Plan ahead for the inevitable "I can't choose" moment and the subsequent "I'll have both" head nod and put yourself into a minimalist smock dress. We're pros at this- we're not going to mess around with the nonsense of pants and buttons. Give the sweet denim dress and urban feel by pairing it with a longline bomber jacket and chelsea rubber boots, but then add some softness to it with a light hued felt fedora and tinted sunnies. 
  1. Lucy Blue Vintage minimalist smock dress
  2. Topshop longline bomber jacket
  3. Express wool felt fedora
  4. J Crew chelsea rain boots (only $34!)

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