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Finding Out How To Make Minimalist Styling Interesting

By Marlen @mar_bear_
I'm still trying to navigate this whole "less is more" concept - and while I still very much want to dive head first into poppy, lemony colors and dizzy patterns - I'm having a fun time trying to translate minimalism into something that's very much me.
And the one styling trick that's proving to be a success in that department? 
Mixing unexpected lengths together. Holy moly am I loving pairing longer tops or to-the-knee sweaters with high waist pants. I'm finding that if you create interesting shapes or proportions with simple, paired-down pieces, they still offer to make quite a statement. I think the reason behind it is because it's still really creative. My gut instinct with this Wayward Collection top was to tuck it into my pants and let the high waist do the wow-ing. But when I let it hang there, dragging the hem line to mid-thigh, I quirked my head and was surprised to realize I liked the unexpected move. 
And I think those are the types of minimalist looks I'm most attracted to - unfussy, but still a little out of the box. That way you just slap a pair of pants and shirt together, but you have something that's still playful and a little different from what everyone else is wearing. 
So my tip to you? Try messing around with unexpected proportions or hemlines. They'll make all the difference. That and add a few sharp, well-tailored accessories, like I did with the vintage Coach bag and one-strap sandals. 
For more minimalist styling inspo, here are some other looks that use proportions and accessories to their advantage. Study them and think about why they work:
ONE:  Not only does this look use a dress-like tunic sweater (up to the knees) but the outfit is paired with wide leg trousers. Usually the rule is to pair baggy or long tops with tight bottoms, but look how amazing it looks when you break that rule! (SOURCE
TWO: In this look we have the same thing going on: Long hemlines and voluminous pants. But what really cinches these outfits? The ladies' insanely tailored accessories. Those sharp-lined purses and blocky shoes elevate it to the next level. Why? Because the hard lines of the square shapes (in the heels, platform sandals, and cross-bodies) makes us think of structure and neatness. (SOURCE)
THREE: The accessory game is what makes this outfit noticeable- she paired slouchy boyfriend jeans and a cozy beanie with clean-shaped loafers and a structured bag. Her look would still be lovely without those additions, but by choosing to match ancient-looking denim with a classic loafer, the contrast makes it look classic.  (SOURCE)
FOUR: Proportions! The voluminous pants are cut at the ankle, and then paired- not with a tight top- but with an equally structured and baggy blouse. The interesting shapes make for an interesting outfit.  (SOURCE)
Let's discuss: What's been the most game changing minimalism tip you have?

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