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What To Wear For Work: Black Shift

By Whattowearfor @whattowearfor

Today’s post is a very stereotypical workwear outfit. Although I love to mix up my wardrobe and wear something unique, occasionally I succumb to the more ordinary. One such example is this plain black shift dress. It’s one of those things I’m sure lurks at the back of everyone’s closet, but rarely sees the light of day except maybe for the occasional work meeting.

Well, I decided to wear mine for once. I tend to stick to the same few items again and again whilst the majority of my clothes sit there unappreciated, so I’m making more of an effort to switch it up recently.

This is something I picked up whilst doing the weekly shop one day at Tesco, maybe two years ago. I am terrible for filling my trolley with anything but food if I enter the shop itself, so I tend to order  online (saves me a  fortune).

What To Wear For Work: Black Shift

Owing to the intermittent showers which just won’t leave Britain alone, I decided to wear black tights (unbelievable in August). I also wore my little velveteen Primark pumps.

My boyfriend actually complimented me on this outfit saying that I looked very nice – without me having to ask if I looked ok – so I’m definitely going to get this little number out more often.

What To Wear For Work: Black Shift

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