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What To Do With Spare Space In Your Home?

By Heather Hahn @HeatherHahnn



If you have the luxury of having spare room in your home, take full advantage! Don’t just let it become wasted space or used as a place to store junk. Move anything you don’t need right now up into the attic or into the shed, and clear it out to create a new usable room. If you have a spare room in your home, whether it’s a bedroom, loft, garage or even a summer house- here’s what you could do with it!

Guest Bedroom

The obvious option for a spare bedroom is a guest bedroom. If you regularly have friends and family over to visit, then this is a wise choice. For example if you have people who come and visit you from out of town and stay for a few days at a time, it allows them to have privacy and is a lot nicer than having to kip on your sofa. However, if you only have people stay over occasionally or just for a night, the room could be put to better use with one of the options below.

Home Office

More people than ever are able to work from home thanks to the internet. Whether you run your own business or are a freelancer, it’s useful to have your own space to work in. Somewhere you can go each day where you know it’s serious work time. It prevents you from lounging in bed or on the sofa with your laptop and getting distracted! A home office is also useful for general ‘life admin’ too, making phone calls, paying bills and just a place to sit and do the boring adult stuff we all need to do. Good storage will keep all of your documents neatly organized. And having plenty of stationery on hand means, you can easily write a card or letter or photocopy something when needed.

Man Cave

Well built outbuildings like brick sheds and garages can become the ideal place for a ‘man cave.’ Providing it’s hooked up with electricity you could add comfy seating, rugs to the floor, lights and heating to keep it cozy. Then set up a bar area, tv and games machine, darts board, pool table or anything else!

Dressing Room

Us girls in general tend to have a lot of stuff. Clothes, shoes, makeup, bags, jewelry, perfume. If you’re running out of space in your bedroom, setting up the spare as a dressing room instead is a good move. It allows you to arrange things neatly and display things properly, so you can see what you have and enjoy your possessions.



Cozy, Outdoor Nook

A garden room or summerhouse could make the perfect cozy hideout. A place to read and relax, maybe play some music or do some art. If you choose a piece of furniture that’s suitable for both outdoors and indoors, in the summer it could be used outside too. Check these daybeds out for example. In the winter you could keep it in the summerhouse, piled with comfy cushions and throws. In the summer it would be an ideal place to lounge in the garden.

Have a think about your lifestyle and what would make the most difference. Then use this to decide what to do with the spare room.

Do you have a spare room in your home? What have you done with it?

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