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What the Dangerous Low-Fat Diet Looked Like

By Dietdoctor @DietDoctor1
Low-fat diet advice

Low fat

The low-fat diet just lost another huge trial, resulting in significantly more heart disease than a higher-fat Mediterranean diet. It lost badly enough that the trial was stopped in advance, as it was considered unethical to let the low-fat diet group continue to eat like that.

When I wrote about it yesterday I was criticized in the comments. Calling this study low fat was labeled “simply absurd and intellectualy inappropriate”. I disagree.

Above are the dietary guidelines for the low-fat group. It’s a regular low fat diet, like it’s been practiced and taught during the last few decades.

Is it a strict vegan-Ornish low-fat diet, that only a select few manage to actually eat long term? No. This is much worse. These are the common low-fat guidelines that hundreds of millions of people have been trying to follow for decades, as they’ve been told it would protect them from heart disease.

Unfortunately this is just the latest in a long line of studies proving that the regular low-fat diet is not only useless to people. It’s actually harmful.


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