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What’s up with WWE Referees?

By Neliem @NelieMarie

20120916_LARGE_NOC_cena_punk_LIn less than a week the WWE title scene has been a controversial one thanks to the work of two different referees making two different calls. On Sunday CM Punk and John Cena battle in an epic encounter for the WWE title and that match ended in a draw because both men had their shoulder down for the three count. But that controversial but right call made by Chad Patton wasn’t the only one made this week. During the “Super Main Event” of the following night at Raw John Cena and Sheamus teamed up to face Alberto del Rio and CM Punk. On the closing moments of this match John Cena hit the AA on CM Punk and won because the referee didn’t see his foot on the ropes.  In two nights two different referees made two different calls that are controversial.

What’s up with WWE referees?
But what does all this mean? One of the things that a lot of fans that know how Vince McMahon hates the NFL competition might think this two calls by the referees are his way of making fun of the NFL replacements. When you think about it makes sense. On Sunday the veteran referee Chad Patton made the right call and on Monday the inexperienced Brad Maddox made the wrong call. Is obvious that they’re in some way making fun of the current state of bad officiating by inexperienced referees. But this is also a way to continue CM Punk’s quest for respect.

CM Punk started his quest for the respect with commentary, then he moved to the wrestlers and it only makes sense for him to continue with the referees. After the heated confrontation he had after the match with the

referee it wouldn’t surprise anybody if he engaged in some type of physicality with the young man. A match or a physical attack will make sense, and since the referee is a former FCW wrestler it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have an encounter. If this happens it wouldn’t be CM Punk’s first match with a referee, he faced Scott Armstrong back in 2009.

The most important thing about all this development is why are they doing it. Is obvious CM Punk will face John Cena at Hell in a Cell in a Hell in a Cell match, so  why WWE is adding this into the storyline. Will the match have a special stipulation involving the refereeing? Will it be a Last Man Standing Match in the demonic structure where a referee can’t make a wrong call? Will it be an “I quit” match in the Cell where it also a referee can’t make a wrong call? Whatever reasons are behind this development the conclusion of it will be seen on Hell in a Cell at the end of October.

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