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11/12/12 Raw Review-Jerry Lawler is Back

By Neliem @NelieMarie

Raw Review

*Winners in Bold

Live from Columbus, Ohio with Michael Cole and Jim Ross at Commentary comes to us Raw. To start things off a Superstar from Smackdown opens up the show for the first match of the night.

Randy Orton vs Dolph Ziggler—The captain of Team Ziggler faced off with one of the members of Team Foley. A short match in which Ziggler looked great with his elbows. With Alberto’s interruption during the match means that is not over even when it looked that way this Tuesday. After the match both heels attack Orton and that’s the cue for Kofi Kingston to come to the rescue, a little ironic isn’t it? Afterwards Teddy Long’s music plays and we all know that’s next, is a “tag team match playa”.

Randy Orton & Kofi Kingston vs Dolph Ziggler & Alberto del Rio w/ Ricardo Rodriguez—Good match that set up things for this Sunday, especially because things changed and there’s no selling point to this match like it had two weeks ago. Surprisingly the heels got a win over and Randy Orton didn’t yell “stupid! stupid!” to Kofi.

In another installation of the AJ Scandal Vickie is joined by Dolph Ziggler who technically said he is alone now since Vickie is his “former Manager”. Maybe Dolph is the Christopher Daniels that this angle needed to not suck as much as it does. Then they’re joined by AJ who thankfully isn’t as bad as Dixie Carter and Claire Lynch. But that doesn’t make this angle suck less. Vickie wants her to admit she had an affair and she only admits they’re friends. Then is time for the Voicemails which make AJ sound like she has something going on with John, but they sound to familiar. AJ’s mirror monolog anyone?. Ziggler then gets on AJ’s face and tells her nasty things that makes Cena come out to save the day, but since AJ is a grown up women she defends herself and slaps Dolph and then Cena follows with a punch. This whole segment just proved that there’s no reason for this thing to go on. Vickie has AJ’s job why does she care about this? And Dolph is Mr. Money in the Bank why does he care about this? Plus Cena has more important things to do like a WWE title match why does he care?

Backstage John Cena and AJ give a tease of a relationship. Why does AJ get involved with guys when she’s over. If they aren’t turning her heel and pair her with Punk again they should put her back in the Divas Division. With her back in the ring she can help the division with a feud against Eve.

William Regal vs Big Show—Best squash match ever. Seeing William Regal on TV just makes everything better even when is Big Show killing him with a chokeslam. After the match Big Show is about to attack Regal when Sheamus comes to the rescue.

#1 Contenders Match: Kaitlyn vs Layla with Eve at Commentary—Short divas match with an awkward looking finish. When will other Divas get involved in the title scene? Now is Kaitlyn taking his third chance for the title.

The King is back and as expected he says some words before he is interrupted by the static of the Best in the World. The reason Punk is more successful as a villain is because he is not afraid of being one. He embraces the boos and the hate like no other wrestler does. Sometimes I think I exaggerate by saying Punk is the best heel in wrestling but when segments like this one come I believe I’m right. Making fun of a mans heart attack might seem low to people but that’s why it was so good. He is not afraid of being the bad guy and that’s what makes him the best bad guy. Plus Heyman getting a heart attack had me rolling of laughter. After the hear attack show Foley comes out and has some words with Punk. Once again hyping a match that everybody wants to see but it won’t come true. Seeing Foley and Punk in a match after all those great segments would be awesome. What was also awesome what’s Punk’s response to Foley “show more respect I just save a mans life”. Foley says that the WWE Universe will choose the last member of Team Foley and I don’t know why should Punk care because that’s not his problem anymore. He also informs him that at tonight’s Main Event he will be the Special Enforcer.

Sexy ref better known as Brad Maddox is shown Backstage.

In the locker room a mad Punk wants things to be fixed and asks Heyman to fix things. One of those things is Maddox which makes things a little interesting.

Tyson Kidd, Justin Gabriel, Sin Cara & Rey Mysterio vs Prime Time Players, Epico & Primo w/ Rosa Mendes—Nice 8-Man tag match. Looks like Rosa and Alberto are going to be a thing because during the match Ricardo gave Rosa a note.Hopefully this means that the Ricardo-Alberto break up is next. It’s been 2 years Ricardo deserves more than Alberto.

Brad Maddox is joined by Heyman backstage and the two go on to have a talk far from the cameras.

The Miz and Ziggler have a discussion about Survivor Series and they’re then joined by Mick Foley. Looks like Miz turned his baby face button and now he is baby face. The only legitimates turns this years are Big Show and CM Punk. They had reasons to turn while the others just started smiling or acting good.

R-Truth vs Tensai with Antonio Cesaro at Commentary—Tensai lost to Truth that’s how low he is right now. Also Truth has a title shot at Antonio’s title this Sunday. At least hearing Antonio cut a good promo and seeing his man purse made this watchable.

Million Dollar Contract Match: Brad Maddox vs Ryback—Before the match even kicks off an Ambulance appears plus EMTs come to ringside. After that Ryback technically kills Maddox in the most boring moments of the night. not even the fact that Maddox was selling those hits like Ziggler would do made this a entertaining match. WWE went to the obvious and didn’t think out of the box. This match can also be considered WWE’s view on hardworking wrestlers. Last week Maddox gave the speech of any Indy wrestler would give and the following week he gets squashed by the type of guy Vince McMahon loves.

David Otunga vs Sheamus—Short match thankfully. After the match Sheamus has some words for Big Show, but he then is interrupted. Big Show is backstage and he attacks William Regal.

Josh Mathews updates on Regal’s status by saying he has a concussion and a broken jaw.

Kane and Daniel Bryan are backstage and have a segment with Bryan being jealous of Kane teaming with someone else. Like always funny stuff.

Rhodes Scholars vs Kane & The Miz w/ Daniel Bryan—Pure gold. The Tag Team Triangle is awesome. Also the match was good. But the ending with Bryan jealous of Miz teaming with Kane was awesome.

CM Punk w/ Paul Heyman vs John Cena with Mick Foley as Guest Enforcer—Can they have a bad match? These two know each other so well that it looks so natural and awesome. The counters are always the best part with these two because they’re always new. Seeing Ryback getting involved made me realize that we are not getting the awesomeness of MITB and NOC, all thanks to someone who barely knows 3 move but somehow got over thanks to the stupidity of fans and their obsession for chanting things. The last sight of Ryback and Cena holding the title and Punk with a terrified look at his face saying “it’s mine” might be the only reason this is a must see match. It was also the perfect image to show what Punk’s career has been all the time. Him knowing his the best but the office giving what he deserves to guys like Ryback and John Cena.

Final Score: 8/10

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