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Highlight of the Week #10: Brad Maddox

By Neliem @NelieMarie


There is only one thing that stood out this week and that was Brad Maddox. After screwing Ryback out of the WWE title at Hell in a Cell Maddox came out on Monday and explained to the world why he did it. The reason he screwed Ryback was because he wanted to be a WWE Superstar and he just needed to make an impact to become famous. Now this week he will get a chance to get a Million Dollar Contract if he defeats the man he screwed.

The reason the whole Maddox saga is interesting is that nobody saw it coming and it’s still unpredictable. When the Dirt Sheets reported that Maddox appeared as a referee in the Divas Battle Royal nobody expected that down the line he would be involved with Ryback and WWE Champion CM Punk. Now nobody knows what’s next. This storyline can go many ways and the way it’s been heavily featured it means that will have a major impact, at least that’s why I like to think.

The reason this storyline is interesting is because it’s something that you can’t predict. On Monday Maddox said that he worked alone and that Heyman and Punk didn’t knew anything. But that same night Vince and Cole at commentary made sure to say that they didn’t believe him. So at some point it might be revealed if Heyman and Punk were behind Maddox actions or if it was someone else. But maybe there’s no big reveal and it’s all ending this Monday. Also it can be revealed that AJ who signed Maddox as referee it’s behind all of this. Maybe there is some higher ups that want Punk as Champion and made Maddox do what he did. Maybe Maddox is just taking revenge on Ryback who destroyed him 4 years ago at OVW. Maybe Punk is behind Maddox and the reason he wants a match against Ryback is to injure him before his title match at Survivor Series. Or all this was just to feed someone to Ryback and it didn’t mean anything at the end. When you look at all the routes they can go it makes you get a little excited, at least I’m excited. I don’t know what will happen on Monday and afterwards with Maddox and that’s refreshing.

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