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What’s the Worst Thing About Diet Doctor?

By Dietdoctor @DietDoctor1

What's the worst thing about Diet Doctor? We asked our members and got 369 replies (way fewer than usual). Here are the results:

What’s the Worst Thing About Diet Doctor?Please note: When we ask member questions we normally use multiple choice. However, this question was free text only. To represent the answers in a simple manner we have categorized them. This categorization is not perfect.

* The "Other" category is significant and includes answers such as "No forum or other social functionality", "Some rude and biased communication reduces trust", "Improve the get started challenge with more meal plans etc." and more.

We Are Far From Perfect

It's nice to hear that 20% of our members feel "nothing is worst" about Diet Doctor. Thank you.

But, most members think we can do better. Sure we can - we're just getting started. Making low carb simple will take years, but we're going to do it - on step at the time.

Some comments:

It's hard to find things on the site, for example recipes

We agree. After this survey went out we have made two main improvements:

1. Added a large "Low-Carb Recipes" picture on the front page.

2. Added advanced recipe search:

What’s the Worst Thing About Diet Doctor?

More is required to simplify navigation. We're adding video search and we will improve search at in general. We're also discussing how to best structure everything on the site in smarter ways in the future.

The user experience for videos etc. is not simple enough

Again, we agree. Our goal is to create a video experience as great as that of Netflix (or better). We're not at all there yet, but we'll be adding video search (extremely soon), "Add video to my favourites", "Videos I have watched", "Watch video later" and other nice things soon.

The membership is too expensive

Is it? For some, yes, $9 a month can be too much - especially if you're from a poor country on a low salary or if you've lost your job. We'll probably add lower prices for low-income countries in the future.

However, for most people in western countries we feel the price is fair. And, eating low carb will likely save you money. Not a bad investment. Also, it's always possible to just use the free one month trial.

We have no plans to change the price of the membership but we will be adding more products all the time and vastly improving what's already there.

There's not enough new membership material

Currently we publish two new videos a week and there are now more than 140 videos on the membership site - all in super high quality. As soon as we're able to we'll add even more new videos, faster.

But, video production and editing is expensive, and we think spending resources on additional ways of making low carb simple is also a very good idea. Later this year we aim to add a new product to the membership - we think you'll find it exciting!

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