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What's the Russian for 'clusterfuck'?

By Davidduff

I ask because the Russian-organised Winter Olympics looks like becoming a monumental clusterfuck of epic proportions.  According to the WSJ, the two brothers who managed to smooth their way into a huge contract for building the site and the ski jumps have left the country and now reside in England - for the good of their health, possibly!  Apparently 'Vlad the Impaler' was not amused when:

Mr. Kozak, the deputy prime minister, told Mr. Putin that the ski jump was more than two years late—and four times over budget. "So 1.2 billion turned into eight billion," Mr. Putin said, seething with displeasure as he repeated the figures. "Well done," Mr. Putin said acerbically. "Good work. Let's continue."

I think his final remarks were the nearest you can get to irony in Russian!  Anyway, all we can pray for now is no snow!  If that happens you may hear a strange noise, it will be my hoots and cackles of undiluted joy reaching round the globe!

And talking of sporting clusterfucks, in the spirit of everything is bigger and better in America, I gather that their Super Bowl was in fact a super bore with one side thrashing the other 43 to 8 but still taking 36 hours to do it - and if it wasn't in fact 36 hours those who watched it said it felt like it!

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