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What's the Best Movie Ending?

By Myfilmproject09

 What's the best movie ending?Besides the title, what do you think audiences really like even though they don't really like it.
Here's two choices; a happy ending or a sad ending.
Before you think too hard, I'll spoil it right off the top by listing six movies that end badly for the people in it.
Stand By Me
Love Story
Easy Rider
My Girl
Million Dollar Baby
Bonnie & Clyde
All six are different, with four of them has a girl die. One has two motorcycle guys getting shot and one movie set in the '50's and another set in the 1930's and another in a ship.
What's the best movie ending?
And they were all blockbuster movies. Even though some where huge and most of them were simple movies with simple themes and cost a fraction of the big ones. But they all had the same theme. Dying too soon.
Ironically, you don't see these kinds of movies that much, there was Me and Earl and the Dying Girl but it didn't really even come close to Million Dollar Baby.
What's the best movie ending?

But it seems that dying isn't all that great with the millennials. They seem to like superhero movies who can die by come back to life. Even Frozen doesn't really have anyone die. 
And even Disney is getting softer, their 40's and 50's feature movies had someone or some thing die. And if you ever saw Old Yeller, you would cry your heart out as I did at age 12.
So why aren't there more "tearjerkers" as the genre was called.
Again, it leads to those darn millennials, of which most of my readers excluding the 40 who are older. 
So what's going on?
Some people suggest that the millennials don't want to deal with death because they see so many action films where the heroes and bad guys get killed so much it doesn't really matter anymore. 
And then there's the guys. They don't like tearjerkers because they might cry. And they
What's the best movie ending?certainly don't want to repeat what the boomers were fed on. Or they simply want to ignore death. Or they can catch it later on their smartphone. But that's another story,
Sometimes I tell people that my job is to write happy endings and I've had my share, with Hallmark, for one. But I've done a few tearjerkers, Roswell Project, which had a sad ending. 
The oldest movie on this list is Old Yeller, and every boomer I know remembers it and remembers the tears. 
So take a look at some of these movies and others, maybe by yourself just in case someone might be watching. I was going to do happy endings, but there's not a lot of those movies anyway, as the marvel comic warriors never die and the comedies are vulgar for the most part. 
What's the best movie ending?

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