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What's in the Bottle?

By Nadine
What's in the bottle?
What is in your beauty or skin care products? Some people are aware of the nasties in their bottles, some aren't, many don't care. That's entirely up to you. My clean regime is far from bulletproof but here it is:
  • Facial cleanser: Burt's Bees Soap Bark & Chamomile - A lot of ingredients and Burt's Bees is owned by Clorox. But when I work my way through the ingredient list, I'm happy with it and will likely continue to use it.
  • Body cleanser: Naturally Upper Canada Hand & Body Wash - I don't like seeing Parfum / Fragrance in any ingredient list and I mistakenly bought this before I realized the label doesn't indicate it wasn't tested on animals, so I won't buy again.
  • Facial moisturizer: Alba Jasmine & Vitamin E Moisture Cream - I'm pretty happy with the list with the exception of Fragrance. When I'm out I'll look for an option without the synthetic fragrance.
  • Body moisturizer: Arbonne FC5 Conditioning Body Moisture - This is a high end brand, but I don't love the ingredient list. Way too many things and a lot that I can't pronounce. I won't buy it again.
  • Toothpaste: Colgate Total....argh, definitely contains SLS. I used to use a natural toothpaste and will likely wander that way again. I was drawn back to the commercial toothpastes because I thought they might strengthen my enamel better.
  • Mouthwash: Jason Cinnamon Clove - I love this mouthwash and the ingredient list!
  • Shampoo: Baking Soda
  • Conditioner: Apple Cider Vinegar

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