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What's in MY Makeup Drawer? What I Use for an Everyday Look.

By Stephanie1 @NewBeautyReview
 I like to experiment w/different everyday looks but my favorite is very natural & soft. Yes, like every Makeup Artist, I have more than a few of everything in my beauty arsenal but there's always those few pieces I find myself using more than all of the others. They all tie in to create a very classic look for me.
Whether I'm rushing to get out of the house or if I'm just feeling minimal, I can always throw this mix on & go...usually in this exact order.
*Laura Mercier, Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20-Reg & Oil Free-(Sand)
(I apply this w/my hands like lotion until blended)
*Lancome, Maquicomplet (Camee)
(Blend w/ring finger or Billy. B #2 Foundation brush. I like his brushes b/c they have small handles and b/c he's awesome! But that's another topic I'll save for later.
On eyelids & a light dab across the lips, if I'm doing a light/neutral lip)
*Cargo, Bronzer (BZ-01 Light)
(Sephora bronzing brush)
*Your Name, Sheer Satin Blush (Whisper Nude)
(Blush brush. Lately, I've been favoring a small handle brush from Lancome & I recommend a small brush for this b/c the cheeks are a small area so it might be  easier to control your application w/a smaller brush. I apply a dusting of this, not heavy at all)
Eye Shadow Base:
*Laura Mercier, Metallic Creme Eye Colour (Platinum)
(Blend w/ring finger, start near lash line & blend, going up to brows)
Eye Shadow: Optional
*Lancome, Color Design (Vue)
(When I use this, a light dusting of it across lids is enough using any eyeshadow brush. I like Stila #7 or Billy B. #6 but really, any will do)
Eye Liner: Optional
*MUD, Cake Liner (Brown)
(I'm a huge fan of the "Tight Line" style so I'll us a thin, synthetic brush & work this into my top lash line. Sephora makes a nice firm one but Crown has them for a fraction of the price & different sizes. I'm showing #113 Square Camouflage.
Tight Line is a demure yet extremely defining line so you get the effect w/out the look & lift of heavy liner.)
Love it!
*Maybelline, Mascara (Clear)
(I'll just comb my brows out w/this. It sets them beautifully)
*Lancome, Cils Booster XL-(Conditioning & Volume)
I like to use this before applying mascara b/c it coats my lashes & protects them from drying out.
Mascara, as much as we love it, can dry out the lashes. I've used this for a few years & love it)
I always have different Mascaras going at the same time so I'll use any one of these on any given day.
Oh and I always use Black. I don't understand Brown Mascara ;-)
*Cargo, TexasLash
*Lancome, Hypnose Drama
*Dior, DiorShow
*Lancome, Virtuose
*Benefit, Bad Gal Lash(Just ran out, need to re-stock)
*Maybelline, Great Lash BIG Mascara
*Fiberwig XL
It depends, sometimes I'll spice it up w/a bright lip b/c the rest is so toned down but if I'm going for completely natural, ANY neutral lip product will do.
I'll usually use a light gloss like:
*Nars, Lip Lacquer (Chelsea Girls)
*INGLOT, Lip Paint (#51) This is so similar to Chelsea Girls & about 1/2 the price...Just saying :-)
When I use lipstick, my favorite Lip Liner, that I tend to combine everything from nudes to reds with, is the classic:
*M.A.C, Lip Liner (Spice)
What's in MY makeup drawer? What I use for an everyday look.
Eyes: What's in MY makeup drawer? What I use for an everyday look.
Lashes & Lips:
What's in MY makeup drawer? What I use for an everyday look.
These are just some options! Of course you can use any brushes you'd like, being that there are hundreds to choose from. I like to rotate my personal products & brushes to get good use out of everything I have.
**Remember to clean your brushes regularly w/anti-bacterial soap to remove germs. I like to do this weekly, then I shampoo & condition them, squeeze out excess water, reshape them & hang them over the edge of a counter to dry.
Keep it Prettie!

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