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Di Depux Laser Cut Jewelry Review

By Stephanie1 @NewBeautyReview
Hi Beauties!
I have been wanting to talk about this fantastic brand that I discovered on Instagram a few months ago called Di Depux.  I waited to write my review because I knew I'd be placing another order and wanted to show them all together.
Di Depux is an online Etsy shop for the most amazing laser cut jewelry and accessories. It's owned and run by Despina, a fabulous graphic & jewelry designer who comes to us from Athens, Greece. That alone is so cool because I've always wanted to visit Greece, as it looks breathtaking!
I had been looking for a really cute nameplate necklace but I didn't want something small and plain. I was drawn to her work right away because it's just fun and different. I love that ALL of her items are custom made and you can tell she takes immense pride in her work because every piece is perfectly hand crafted to perfection.
I literally stumbled on this awesome "Stephanie" necklace while browsing pics and knew I had to have it. I have collected items with my name on them since I'm little so something like this was screaming for me to buy it!
 (photo taken from Di Depux instagram page) Di Depux Laser Cut Jewelry Review
I tagged my friend (and fellow Mermaid) also named Stephanie, and told her we had to take advantage of the sale going on at the time to get our Stephanie necklaces. She jumped on it right away because we're silly like that. *hee hee* (Hi Steph!! *waves*) That's the great thing about the Di Depux shop, there are always items on sale (some as low as $6) and she has amazing pop up sales every month. This particular month (July) she was having specific items go on sale for 50% off regular price. The necklace I ended up getting is very similar to this and I even got to pick the colors for my letters and chain. My letters were pink glass, black background and for an extra $0.99 I added a pink chain, of course (photo taken from Di Depux website) Di Depux Laser Cut Jewelry Review
As the orders come in, Despina will post the pictures on Instagram so when I saw our orders done, I got really excited to have them shipped! I'm always weary about ordering things site unseen (especially from outside the US) because you hope it's as good as it looks. The items were way cooler than they look in the pictures and that says a lot because they looked perfect! The necklaces (and some bracelets) come with this super cute little heart at the top that says "di depux" in tiny letters.  The necklace is really light so you don't feel weighed down at all. I wore this in a heat wave and 95 degree humidity. I am happy to report my skin wasn't irritated and the chain is in tact. It's really well made! (photo taken from Di Depux instagram page) Di Depux Laser Cut Jewelry Review
I had a few questions and Despina was very responsive and assuring that my order would be carried out with my precise instructions and delivered in the time frame expected.  Well, not only did I receive my items earlier than expected, in 7 days exactly, from when I placed my order, but everything came packaged well and with extra goodies!! Yay!! There were really cute flyers and cards, one on the most delicious, unique candies I'd ever eaten and a really awesome pair of hot pink spike earrings, for free! (photos taken by me) Di Depux Laser Cut Jewelry Review
Di Depux Laser Cut Jewelry Review
I wore my necklace and earrings that night and for the next few nights...consecutively! Lol! I had no shame as I wore it in pic after pic after pic :-) I have worn it so much in the last 2 months and have received so many wonderful compliments on it. It's kind of fun to meet people and they ask my name then notice it's on my neck and feel silly. Or when someone I don't know will call me by my name and I give them a "how do you know my name" look, then I realize it's on my neck...It's good for giggles! :-D In fact, I was out 2 weeks ago and a girl stopped to tell me she liked my necklace. I told her to go on Instagram and see where I got it. We take out our phones and as I open the page to show her she stopped to tell me she actually knew exactly who I was talking about and had purchased items from Di Depux before! So it's definitely getting out there.  The style is a bit of a throwback to the big nameplates and chains of the 80's but with a modern, super charged feminine twist. 
The Etsy shop has over 400 amazing items to choose from. There are earrings, necklaces, bracelets, iphone cases, hair accessories and even custom shoe lace charms! I believe any item containing lettering can be customized by using other languages such as Japanese, Arabic, Korean and Persian. As I mentioned, you do have the option to choose the color of your letters and chain to make it more your own style. I love having those options because it really feels like it was made just for me 
Naturally I love anything that says "Makeup Artist" and the Mermaid designs are also a favorite but how cute are all of these goodies?!?!
(photos taken from Di Depux website. I just put them together to show different styles) Di Depux Laser Cut Jewelry Review
Di Depux Laser Cut Jewelry Review
This was my first thought when thinking of gift ideas for part of a birthday present. This order also came in 7 days with a yummy candy and with the prettiest pair of earrings! A cool set of a pink helm wheel and stripped anchor, my favorites as I love all things nautical!  
(Top left photo taken from Di Depux Instagram page, bottom left and right pics taken by me) I had to be careful to not "like" the picture so I wouldn't ruin the surprise before I gave it away! Haha! Di Depux Laser Cut Jewelry Review
All in all I have had a wonderful experience shopping at Di Depux. Everything that you look for in a shopping experience, from placing the order, the estimated delivery time, the condition in which you receive your items and the extra goodies, are all things I notice and appreciate. I love "hassle free" shopping and this was a breeze! I will be buying many more items for myself (I have a list) and definitely as gifts for the upcoming holidays and birthdays alike.
There are so many ways to keep up with new items (which are posted regularly) and sales that are sometimes as good as "Buy One Get One"...Free or 50% off second item. 
I have listed all the direct links to... Etsy Shop  * didepux on Facebookdidepux on Twitterdidepux blog * On Instagram go to @didepux
Happy shopping!
Keep it Prettie!!

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