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What's Happening This Week in Astrology - 6th Until 12th January?

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

What's happening this week in Astrology - 6th until 12th January?

So what is going to be happening in the stars above us in the next week? These are the aspects to look out for...

7 Jan 2020 06:21 Sun Sextile Neptune 16 Cap 24 - 16 Pis 24

7 Jan 2020 08:13 Mars Inconjunct Uranus 2 Sag 40 - 2 Tau 40

8 Jan 2020 13:03 Mercury Sextile Neptune 16 Cap 26 - 16 Pis 26

10 Jan 2020 15:19 Sun Conjunct Mercury 19 Cap 50

10 Jan 2020 19:21 Full Moon (Penumbral Lunar Eclipse) 20 Can 00

11 Jan 2020 01:48 Uranus Direct

12 Jan 2020 09:51 Mercury Conjunct Saturn 22 Cap 44

12 Jan 2020 10:13 Mercury Conjunct Pluto 22 Cap 46

12 Jan 2020 16:59 Saturn Conjunct Pluto 22 Cap 47

This is going to be a very busy week in the skies above us. There are no planetary aspects on the 6th January, but the transiting South Node and Jupiter will continue to be conjunct on Facies, and as I predicted on New Year's Day on my Facebook page, an international incident did happen, in Baghdad. The South Node also in conjunction with Facies hints to past actions (South Node) that are fuelling the crisis right now, and President Trump's linking to the 1979 American Hostage crisis in threatening Iran if they seek revenge this time for the assassination of Soleimani was highly appropriate of the connection forming. The tension will unfortunately continue with both sides digging their heels in. This will be a time of religious extremism, of propaganda of one's faith and beliefs, and for very real threats to be made.

The 7th January sees the Sun making a sextile to Neptune, and Mars newly into Sagittarius makes a very tricky looking inconjunct aspect to Uranus. On one hand, this is a day of compassion and sacrifice, but with the Sun sitting on Rukbat in the constellation of Sagittarius, this will be another day when this stubborn and inflexible attitude will persist. You may be sympathetic to someone but you will continue to stand your ground over something. Mars inconjunct to Uranus is a dangerous aspect, especially as Uranus will be close to stationing direct, and so it's slow motion will increase the power of Uranus exponentially. Here there will be a great temptation to act irrationally or in an "off the cuff" manner, and there is some potential for anger, accidents, explosions, fires and incendiary acts that could shock or upset. The lead up phase to any aspect is normally the most hazardous, so late on 6th January may be a time when these kind of events may occur. Mercury on this day will sit on the star Vega in the constellation of Lyra, the Lyre and this may make us rather inventive with the language that we use. There is a slightly deceptive side to Vega, and the potential to mislead will be present too. Venus sits on the star Sadalsuud in Aquarius, and this is a time for loyalty in friendship and for relying on those friends to back us up when we need it. This connection will last into 8th January.

The 8th January finds Mercury making the same sextile to Neptune that the Sun made the day before as it itself hits the star Rukbat, and this will lead to the same kind of sympathetic attitude but tinged with a "though shalt not pass" attitude. There will be a lack of flexibility and some stubbornness that will prevail. This is a constructive day for using the ideas we have to build for the future. Venus on this day also hits the star Deneb Algedi within the constellation of Capricorn, and this may blunt our creativity a little. This is also a connection of respecting conventions and customs, and for accepting rules as they apply to us.

The 9th January is a quiet day Astrologically, almost the quiet before the storm as no new aspect will form, however things change on the 10th, the day of a Lunar Eclipse at 20 degrees Cancer. The eclipsed Moon will be conjunct to the star Castor, one of the twins in Gemini. Now this is a star of words and prose, of dexterity with language and it describes the scribe or writer, the seller, or one who is good with figures. Being eclipsed then these words may be clever but dark and more menacing, there could be issues in the future months that may be connected to cooking the books and to transactions that have been hidden, or appeared to have been hidden that may in due course come into public view. The eclipse itself pits the administration (Sun in Capricorn) versus the people (Moon in Cancer) and this signature will resonate for the next 6 months or so until the Summer eclipses arrive.

On the 11th as we hit the weekend, Uranus turns direct. This turnaround which I mentioned earlier could set off a number of unforeseen events and issues that will continue to upset the status quo - remember that Uranus is in the stubborn sign of Taurus, and earth sign connected to nature. I have a nasty feeling that earthquakes could be prevalent around this time with Pluto and Saturn almost in a conjunction, and us just having experienced a Lunar Eclipse. The Sun sits on this day on the star Vega and this puts a big emphasis on music, creativity or the actions or words of a charismatic world leader.

Next Sunday, the 12th January sees that long awaited Saturn conjunction to Pluto and Mercury will conjunct both on the same day. This is a day of power shifts linked to the information that we find out about. There may be very harsh and authoritative words or communications on this day, Mercury is the trickster too, and those words may be aimed at manipulating or trying to force others to back down and submit to the will of others. The last time that these planets came together in Capricorn was in 1518 when Martin Luther nailed his "Ninety-Five Theses" to a church door, leading eventually to the reformations of those times, and a people's revolt against the Holy Roman Empire, the Pope and the overly avaricious attitude of the Church. In those days the Church was the ruler of most of the Western World, and this revolt fired the starting gun of a long drawn out and huge shift of power from the Church, to the People and the State. The events now, the secrets revealed, the documents issued and ramifications of this triple conjunction on this day may have huge repercussions for years, and maybe decades to come.

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