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Is the UK on the Verge of Another “Winter of Discontent”?

By Solarisastro @solarisastro
Is the UK on the verge of another “Winter of Discontent”?

The Winter of Discontent was a moment in British history pertaining to the autumn and winter of 1978 into 1979, a time of industrial strife, strikes, cold weather and it lead to the downfall of the Government of Prime Minister Jim Callaghan. Back in 1978, there was an inflation crisis developing due to the Government's mismanagement of the economy, with the cost of living rising at a crippling rate - inflation was at one point rising at 26% per year. The Government has set a limit of 5% for all pubic wage settlements however because of rising prices, the unions who had a grip on power and had huge influence on the Labour party were constantly demanding more to keep up with the ever increasing cost of living. The pinch point came in late 1978 when the car company Ford agreed to an incredible 17% wage rise for its car employees, and immediately the unions of nationalised industries such as rail, power and steel production elsewhere demanded the same from the Government. Ministers refused to match Ford's agreement and the demands of the unions, and this lead to strikes across the country during the bitter winter months. There were power cuts, industry ground to a halt and even refuse collectors (see picture above) and gravediggers downing tool refused to work until they received acceptable pay settlements. Rubbish piled on the streets as it was not collected, and bodies lay in morgues, preventing funerals from taking place.

Is the UK on the verge of another “Winter of Discontent”?

Now during 1978 to 1979, transiting Uranus was moving in the 11 to 18 degree region of Scorpio, and against the UK natal chart, it meant that the planet of disruption was in the second house of the way the nation looked after its money supply. This part of the chart represents the incomes that are paid, the value of the currency, and the general state of the economy. Those years were characterised by erratic financial decisions and severe volatility.

This year into next year, Uranus has moved around to be moving in the 11 to 18 degree region of Taurus, so it is directly opposite to the position that it was in during 1978 to 1979, and low and behold, we in the UK are once again seeing rising prices, financial instability and the beginnings of a potential crisis that may extend on into the winter. This time, the problems are not so much of our own nature and fault, but through skyrocketing gas prices that are putting pressure on home-owners and businesses alike. Added into this is a labour shortage and supply chain problems. created by a combination of Brexit and the Covid-19 pandemic.

Back in 2016 the UK decided to take back control of its own economy (control is ruled out of the 8th house) and though the push for going it alone, it has left the nation isolated and vulnerable as foreign nationals, previously an integral section of the UK workforce upped sticks and returned home to their home nations. The UK is also weaker as it is much more reliant on the whims of others, as naturally there is strength in numbers, and this increase in international gas prices is putting strain n all sectors of the UK economy (the 8th house also rules the power and resources that the country needs to run it) and you will notice that Uranus is only just starting to oppose Neptune at 18 degrees Scorpio in the UK 2nd house, the planet that rules natural gas as well as sacrifice and suffering. In my view, there is more pain to come down the tracks for the UK, as this connection will not become exact until next year, so you can imagine that the potential fall out that may occur in 2022 and beyond.

All these deficiencies are being concentrated at the same time, and you can see the potential for Uranus to cause a whole lot more instability, shocks and problems as it pushes through the 8th house in the next 3 - 4 years. Now because disruption is emanating from the 8th house, the Government will constantly be hostage to the whims of others who supply power and goods to the UK to keep it moving, fed and run. It has decided that the UK doesn't need to share with others and Uranus in the 8th in a fixed sign often indicates someone who stubbornly refuses to defer to anyone else. As a result of all the problems and the substantial borrowing that has taken place (borrowing and debt is another 8th house issue), taxes are rising, power costs soaring will cause potential hardship, and this will exacerbate splits in the UK between those who have the necessary resources to get through any future hardship, and those who haven't.

There is an old saying, "Pride becomes before a fall" and my sense is that unless he is very careful, Boris Johnson and his complacent attitude may be sleepwalking into a nightmare scenario. The huge gains and goodwill that he won from the Brexit vote might evaporate very quickly if the British people suddenly find inflation, interest rates and thus house prices and general costs rising way beyond their means to pay. History is there to teach us, and everything I am seeing reminds me of the time when I was younger and the lights and power went off. Boris and his ministers would do well to read up, and heed the warnings that are already being given.

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