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Full Moon in Cancer – Foreshadowing a Deeper and More Intense Change

By Solarisastro @solarisastro
Full Moon in Cancer – Foreshadowing a deeper and more intense change

I don't know about you and in your life, but the last few days have seemed to me to be pretty intense. We have just been through a very difficult moment as Mercury stationed retrograde while activating the big aspect of 2021, the Saturn square to Uranus. This brought back issues from 2021 into focus, and forced us to face matters that we were responsible for, maybe for difficult positions that we had put ourselves in previously? Both Mercury and Venus are now retrograde for pretty much the rest of this month, and we likely find ourselves to be in some kind of roll back situation until they both turn direct - first Venus on 29th January followed by Mercury on 4th February. These will dredge up situations linked to previous decisions and rules activated by the Mercury station, and we may have to deal with previous social contacts or maybe financial issues affected by Venus. All these will have to be considered and reviewed by the end of the month.

Full Moon in Cancer – Foreshadowing a deeper and more intense change

Now in the middle of this process, we have the Full Moon tomorrow in Cancer which funnily enough activates those two planets that I mentioned, Mercury and Venus. If you follow my work, then you will know that Full Moons shine a light on and reflect what is going on. They do so in a manner connected to the sign that they fall in, and the sign of Cancer is one of emotion, linked to home, family, security and sensitivity. It is interesting that the crab often moves forward by going in a sideways motion. That may be a contradiction in terms but it's often true. Often you find that Cancerians are really good at sidestepping an issue, and getting them to be open is a harder job than you may realise.

The energies from the full Moon which is occurring opposite to Pluto in Capricorn tomorrow then suggests that whatever is revealed in the next few days will provoke an emotional response from something that is either controlled, buried, or pushed into the long grass. A Cancer Full Moon opposite Pluto is a recipe for burying the truth, sidestepping the issues through force or control, or manipulating what is going on, because of the sensitive nature of the truth. It might take until Mercury and Venus clear their retrograde motions, before any forward progress will be able to be made. There is change and a shift coming and being activated now, but it may take a while for the purging to begin. The reason is because it lands opposite the midpoint between Venus and Mercury, both themselves retrograde. What comes out will be a reflection of the matters linked to Mercury (communications, decisions and rules as Mercury was with Saturn as it turned) and social responsibilities (Venus in Capricorn).

This Full Moon tomorrow is also harbouring and previewing a deeper change for us all, as less than 24 hours after it perfects, the Lunar Nodes switch from Gemini/Sagittarius into Taurus/Scorpio. What does this mean? Well, we are seeing a switch from mutable energies in Gemini/Sagittarius to fixed signs, so where it was easy to evade, dodge and change tack since Nodal the entrance into the mutable signs since the Summer of 2020, things will start to become much more fixed and rigid soon. You know, life has seemed in a constant state of flux and transition since Covid really started to take hold. Just look at the international travel world, and the constant shifting of the rules that have occurred mirroring the constant social flip-flopping between opening up and shutting down our lives. I promise, all that is going to settle down a lot more once we get into the Taurus/Scorpio Nodal transit. Finally, we will get a level of certainty that will increasingly take hold in the next 18 months, and there will not be all these constant changes that will complicate matters. What I am inferring is that this upcoming Full Moon is the last chance to dodge the bullet and to deflect the real issues, before we must find a more settled and permanent solution, and that's what the public and the loved ones around you will increasingly want and demand.

There are not a lot of other important aspects on this full Moon chart. Transiting Mars is coming away from a square to Neptune that brought chaos and uncertainty around what was going on, and it will have highlighted people's sacrifices, and also things that they wanted to hide and keep under wraps. Lies that were told may have been brought to the surface in the last week. The energy was definitely volatile last week because of this.

Venus retrograde is rolling back into a trine to Uranus, and brief romantic and social contacts may form in the next week, but don't expect them to be more than a passing attraction or moment of fun and enjoyment. Talented people who we have known in the past may also come back into our lives. We may be exposed to new ways of making money, or different ways of being creative, possibly linked to methods that you tried before. Don't be afraid of taking a chance on someone who may be clever and different but possibly unreliable, as they may be capable of helping you to break through the problems that you face.

So, my feeling is that we are coming towards the end of the culture of uncertainty that we have been living in. What this Full Moon does is highlight the potential future conditions that will be laid down for some time to come, but before we get there, there will be a moment where there will be an attempt to deflect or fool us all into accepting something that is not exactly real or right. Once that is cleared through, then I predict a more settled and constant future where will will finally know the conditions that we will have to adhere to.

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