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How Will the United States Deal with Its Pluto Return?

By Solarisastro @solarisastro
How will the United States deal with its Pluto Return?

Tomorrow we enter October and a month that will see three of our outer planets starting to march forward once again. It really will be a turnaround month with Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury all switching motion from retrograde to direct. Just for the record, Pluto stations on the 6th followed by Saturn on the 11th. Then Jupiter and Mercury simultaneously change direction on the 18th October within 10 hours of each other. By the middle of the month we really should be starting to build up a head of steam, engines ready to go, as the prospect of making some forward progress in our lives becomes an actual reality. Much of what we were able to muster in the previous month or two may have been linked in some way in the past. Now we will be able to use everything that we have been given, and look to branch out into fresh territory.

Now I want to focus in this article on Pluto, the first of the planets to turn. Pluto retrograde allows us all to inwardly transform and rectify all that needs to be confronted, sometimes things that we were unaware that needed changing. It's also the case that Pluto in retrograde will dredge up and force us into dealing with things that we had consciously hidden away in our psyche from others. There is no compassion in the way that Pluto operates and it can quite brutally compel us to act, even if it's the last thing that we needed to do. The amount of stress and dread that we have to endure when Pluto unearths a matter that we must address can be overwhelming at first, however the sense of relief when we actually cope with and conquer the issue is equally life affirming. I am sure that in the last few months since April that there was at least one incident of these forces putting immense pressure on you, and just recently you will have finally dealt with it.

As an example of this, Britney Spears in the past few months during Pluto retrograde was able to deal with a conservatorship that she was stuck under for the past 13 years. Pluto has been moving in her 4th house of home and family passing over her natal Venus (her chart and 8th house ruler) and South Node conjunction, a point linked to the past. Pluto effect is all about power & control & Venus ruling her chart made this personal to her character, and linked to someone else controlling resources as well as her life (8th house). Of course with this conjunction based in her 4th house, this was connected to her home life being restricted & internal family tensions that need to be addressed, tackled and conquered. It must have been excruciatingly difficult for her to take on someone who she will have loved, but this is the challenge that Pluto set her. Just last night, Britney was set free from her father's grip on her life, just one week before Pluto stations on this conjunction for the final time, and now she has freedom to marry if she wishes, forge a new home life, and maybe to become a mother. Good luck to her.

Now as you will be aware, Pluto will halt at 24 degrees Capricorn and in this phase of of forward motion, it will progress to 28 degrees Capricorn by the springtime of next year. As it reaches 27 to 28 degrees Pluto will encounter the natal Pluto of the United States, and this nation will experience its first ever Pluto return. This will be the first of several hits lasting into 2023. Remember what I mentioned about Pluto and what it does. Pluto forces you to confront parts of your existence linked to power and control, matters that have been parked internally and almost consciously forgotten about, because you didn't want to, or were afraid of, confronting them.

So what problems in the past 238 years linked to Pluto has America parked away, not fronted up to deal with? What matters lie in the American psyche that are still unresolved? Let's go through a few potential scenarios.

Race and subjugation - The issue of slavery and the inability of America to deal with subject with fairness and equality with regard to the ethnic communities that call the United States home is something that has been inherent within America since before independence. As you will have seen, this is something that reared its ugly head in the past couple of years, a fire lit by the reaction to the George Floyd murder by a white police officer. Still there are elements of discrimination and racism that exists in America, and it may be that the coming couple of years may bring these practices to a crescendo. Might individual states bringing forth voting restrictions aimed at trying to suppress the rise of multi-cultural change and equality in America be the fuse that lights the dynamite under this matter?

Debt - America continues to rack up trillions of dollars of debt and spend without ever trying to reduce the mountain of money that is owed. It currently stands at an eye-watering $28 trillion dollars and gross domestic product of the US currently stands at nearly $23 trillion. The US is racking up more debt that it can handle or pay back, and in individual terms, the US owes just about $230,000 for every single tax payer in the nation. That is scary stuff, and at some point, this issue will have to be tackled. The Pluto return, and remember Pluto rules monies owed might bring about a moment when the US has to face up to her obligations in this regard.

World Power and Domination - For the past 100 years, America has been the world's most powerful nation and she has turned herself into the world's policeman, the country others turned to when rogue states and leaders abused their remit. Pluto brings about a transformation of power and control, and the recent pull out of Afghanistan I think highlights the first stanza of the waning of global American power. No empire has ever endured indefinitely, and as America pulls inward, maybe to address some of the matters that I highlighted before, China is extending its influence. Might this moment be one a tipping point where America in decline has to face up to China on the rise?

A Green Revolution - Pluto is quite literally linked to power in the physical sense, and the US has always plundered her own underground resources to power its heavy industry and economy. Now as hurricanes get stronger, the climate gets more unpredictable bringing drought and flash floods, wildfires and plunging temperatures, it will be incumbent on the world's most wealthy nations to go green and to find more environmentally better ways of protecting the global surge in temperatures. This Pluto return may see the US pursuing a new way to power its industry, transport and housing, through a renewed green and technical revolution.

The Dis-United States - The calling of independence for the 13 British colonies was a moment when they broke with a power that didn't want to be associated with. Not since the US Civil War has there been such a divide between so called red and blue states. There seems to me as a distant observer the widest divide between Republican and Democrat that I have ever seen. Culturally, philosophically, even through the media that either side consumes and digests, I notice that splits are widening and widening, even within family groups. I think the Pluto return will in some way force America to internally resolve these issues. How is a question that I don't think I can answer, but I can hypothesise. Will some states band together to have kind of self determination more in line with their own belief systems and philosophical expectations? Might this in turn lead to some kind of internal power struggle? I hope not. The storming of the Capitol building in January 2021 showed how easy it was to destabilise the United States, even for a few hours, through the actions of a few thousand of people determined on forcing through change. The nation is riddled with millions of guns and weapons as the right to bare arms lies within the constitution. Any internal struggle on a Plutonian level could literally turn into a bloodbath. I have a feeling that the events of 2022 through 2023 may exacerbate the splits between those who want to move the nation forwards as a diverse equal society where everyone is considered of having a chance to succeed, and those who want to keep everything as it has been, protecting what they see as American heritage and historical patriotic values. Unfortunately, sometimes it is difficult to move forward without a lot of pain and suffering, and the very nature of Pluto and how it works to completely change the direction of travel, means that the bastions of the past are completely wiped out or destroyed, leading to jealousy and violent opposition in those who feel that they have lost out.

I do think that the United States is going to endure one of the most fundamental and difficult moments in its history in the coming few years, as the nation adjusts to a different global reality combined with the need to change for the better internally. I live in the UK and Britain had an empire that spanned a quarter of the globe. The adjustment that we as a nation had to go through as the power and influence we once had disintegrated and drifted away, has been one that has been hard for us to handle as a nation. Losing the say and influence you once had is not an easy sensation to accept, and it has now regressed to such an extent that keeping the United Kingdom united with its 4 constituent parts of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland may be beyond us in the years to come, and remember this. In the past 8 years, the UK has gone through a Pluto conjunction to the natal Sun in Capricorn and then a Pluto opposition to our natal Moon in Cancer. On the back of that we have had to go through Brexit and then all kinds of internal struggles. The UK is not a nation at peace with itself at the moment. The United States may itself have to deal with a time of reckoning in the years ahead.

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