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What My Face is Worth: High End

By Misspenelope90 @MissPenelope90

Hey everyone
i know quite a few people have done this tag, but i haven't yet, and it got suggested at the #bbloggers 2 Sundays ago for me to do, and i thought well why not, so here it is, im going to do it in 2 half's,
this one will be all my high end products, that i either wear for work or when i want to make myself feel richer then i am, haha, then i will do my budget, low end, type one, and this will just be my every day makeup that i use.
so here we go :/ :
What my face is worth: high end
my high end products are:

  • clinique superbalanced foundation
  • mac lipstick in snob
  • mac fix+
  • clinique stay matte powder
  • mac blusher 
  • clinique eye shadow
  • mac select cover up concealer
  • clinique eyebrow pencil
  • urban decay 24.7 liquid eye-liner
  • clinique high impact mascara

What my face is worth: high end

so for my face i use:

  • superbalanced foundation in alabaster £21.50
  • mac fix+ travel size £7.50
  • clinique stay matte pressed powder in translucent £21
  • mac blusher in dainty £ 17.50
  • mac select cover-up concealer £ 14.50

just on my face: £82
so i know that mac has gone up by 50p since ive brought all this, but that's still alot, ouch, hope it doesn't come to over 200.

What my face is worth: high end

on my eyes and lips i use:

  • mac lipstick in snob £14
  • clinique high impact mascara £16
  • urban decay 24/7 liquid eye liner in black £14
  • clinique single eye shadow in toasted almond £15
  • clinique instant lift eyebrow pencil £15

on my eyes and lips: £74
the clinique mascara, i got as a freebie, so i don't know whether to include that or not, be the full price one would be £16, but it doesn't really make a difference in the grand scheme of things, lol its still alot of money on my face haha
so the grand total is: £156
thats not tooo bad, considering ive seen some peoples at like 200 odd, so i am happy with that, hehe :D i love these products anyway and i wouldn't change them,
so how much did you face come to, let me know in the comments :D xxxxx

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