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What is Right and What is Wrong? That is the Question

By Darcsunshine



How do we decide what is truly right or wrong ?

Do our ideas of what is right and wrong change as we gain experience and years? Do you think it makes us grow and make us stronger? Does it make us who we are today? I think it depends on your outlook on your life experiences and mistakes and what you choose to do with them. Do you learn from them? Sometimes we follow the instructions we received as children, from parents, teachers, religious instruction, society, etc.. Sometimes we agonize over it, weighing the pros and cons or we seek advice. The confusions, delays, hesitancies arise, most probably, because what’s ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ may be ideals, absolutes — in reality, many issues have shades of gray.  Many times, I’ve acted in the utmost belief that what I was about to do or say was right, but now I accept that in many instances I was wrong in the past. It is a learning experience that we all go through, but everyone handles it in different ways. Some choose to learn from the mistakes that have been made and try to live a better life because of this. Others tend to go  another way and make the same mistakes over and over knowing what they are doing is wrong. You are the only one that has the power to decide if you will learn from past mistakes and experiences or go down a different path. I chose to learn, teach, and help. My mistakes and experiences in life allowed me to do so. You ask yourself….

What shall I do? I want to do the right thing

 Think about the situation you are in and go with what you feel. Asking for advice is always a good choice as well. It might not be the right decision in the long run, but you were just given a life lesson that you can learn from and turn into a positive eventually.



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