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What is It with Illinois and Chicago?

By Davidduff

Amongst the very many Republican winners 'over there' this week, one in particular forced an involuntary double-take from me when I read it.  That was the election of a Mr. Bruce Rauner as Governor of Illinois - yes, a Republican winning in, of all places, Illinois!  I knew nothing of Mr.Rauner but as he has spent his working life in and around that cesspit city of Chicago I should have smelled a rat.

What is it with Illinois and Chicago?

William J. Kelly at The American Spectator serves the rat up, neatly dissected!  Mr. Rauner is a rich operator in Chicagoan circles but not quite in the way that a free market supporter would applaud:

You see, for decades, Rauner, a wealthy venture capitalist and former chairman of private equity firm GTCR, donated millions to the Democratic Party to help defeat Republican candidates. That “investment” has paid dividends.

It was only two years ago that Rauner began pouring some serious money into local Republican party funds and I can't help wondering if that was a way of smoothing himself into the position of GOP candidate and keeping any true conservative candidates out.

Ah well, only in Chicago!  Er, well, except for California!

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