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What I Ate Wednesday - I Surprised Myself, Big Time.

By Sarahohm @sarahohm
Good afternoon Beautiful,
Today isn't typically a blog day, I have to finish writing out my test (not much  more to do!!) however, last night I had an amazing experience that has forever changed my life. I'll give you a little background information.
For as long as I can remember, I've absolutely hated peppers in every form. The only way you could get me to eat peppers was if they were diced very finely, and in soup, so I knew I could just swallow them without tasting them. This has gone on, probably since I was a young kid. C loves peppers, so you can imagine the pain he endured when he found out I hated them.
Yesterday I was on the phone and was speaking to a friend/co-worker and somehow it came out that I hate peppers. She quite literally had a minor freak-out on the phone, she just couldn't believe I hated peppers. She was just so shocked that I, the veggie queen, hated peppers. She told me I should try them again since it had been years since I had, and I just kind of brushed it off. I've always WISHED I liked peppers, so shiney and colourful, however the smell and taste just threw me right off.
Anyways, last night while doing a little grocery shopping, I decided to buy 1 red pepper and take her up on her challenge of trying them again. I was nervous, I'm not going to lie, but I HAD to document the whole experience of me trying a pepper just in case something hilarious happened (I don't know what I was expecting..). I'm now going to share with you all, the video of me trying a raw red pepper for the first time in... I'd say 14 years?

I apologize for the background noise. I didn't really know what to say to introduce myself so I just filmed.
This opens up a whole new REALM of recipe possibilities! I told my story at work today and a co-worker had some orange and yellow peppers cut up as well, I totally tried them and I totally liked them too. I already know I'm making stuffed peppers for dinner at some point this weekend, and I can't wait! Some people might not understand the significance of finding out I like peppers. Do you know how many recipes contain peppers? Soups? Salads? Ordering food at restaurants and ENSURING they don't put peppers on it? I'm not diving into green peppers quite yet as I hear they aren't sweet. Baby steps...
Stay tuned in the coming weeks for some recipes that contain peppers. Ha. This is fantastic...
What I Ate Wednesday - I Surprised Myself, Big Time.

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