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What Exactly Healthy Lifestyle Mean

By Screwnicolas @screwnicolas

“Healthy lifestyle is always better than a wealthy lifestyle.”

What exactly Healthy Lifestyle mean

Our standard of living or better said the health standard of living plays a crucial role in maintaining a good health and a proper physique. Our lifestyle has several effects on our mental and physical health. A stressful atmosphere at home or in office may lead to mental instability and it has always been said that our mental status has direct influence on our physical wellness. What could be a stressful physical living? . A stressful situation for our body would be rather when it is left like a dead log with least movements. Our body has 206 bones with maximum of them movable. Moreover, it has various types of muscles and tendons too. Is such a sophisticated locomotive mechanism designed just to stay on the recliner like a sack? Obviously, No!! is the answer that most of you will reply with. So, staying active is essential to live a healthy life.

An unhealthy and lazy lifestyle that most of us either live or are compelled to live may lead to various health issues. Out of the crowd of severe diseases that germinate out as an indirect effect of unhealthy lifestyle, obesity and problems of overweight are the primary and the basic health problems that effects the body in many other ways too. Quick ways to lose weight has therefore become a burning question today as about 80% of the American population today is either overweight or obese.

Now, what would be the solution to this problem of obesity and overweight? How to lose belly fat? Possibly, these are the questions hovering over your head. Before attempting to solve any such problem, the first and the foremost thing that you need to know is the reason that has lead to these problems. Treating the symptoms would not give you a permanent solution. So, dive into the problem to fix that influencing factor. As per many fitness trainers and nutrition experts, the only factor that affect weight of a person is “calorie.”

Our body has a mechanism in which any excess calorie entering the body is converted into fat for future use. These stored fats are to be broken down for energy need of the body when it lacks calories. I don’t think unless you are in any awkward situation when your food intake can’t cope up with your calorie needs, you need these stored fats as a backup. Frankly speaking none of us may fall into such a situation and therefore these fats are just useless additions to our body weight. You need to follow a proper lifestyle and diet too in order to enjoy a healthy life. If you are in an unhealthy lifestyle, you should make a change and shift to a better and healthier lifestyle.

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