What Does Scorpio Birthstones Bring into Your Life?

Posted on the 01 July 2019 by Emil Sipos @emilPsipos

Do you know Scorpio has the powers of Mother Gaia and Apollo together? It is so far from Orion because Scorpio kept fighting with Orion and God had no way but this to keep them apart. Scorpio personalities are loyal, but also secretive, manipulative and bossy. They are considered creative by their colleagues and tough by friends. If this is you, take control of your life with Scorpio birthstones by your side.

Today we will learn all about Scorpio traits, dates, and luck stones for Scorpio man and woman. Ready?

Who Is A Scorpio?

What Does Scorpio Birthstones Bring Into Your Life?

People born on or between October 22 to November 21 are Scorpio. Your zodiac sign is a special wintery sign. Scorpio persons are intense and loyal in their relationships. However, when they are hurt, Scorpio can be aggressive, cunning and wicked. Scorpio birthstones remedy the negativity in your character, mind and soul.  

Which Is The Scorpio Birthstone?

The official birthstone of Scorpio zodiac is Citrine. This is a crystal that opens your sacral and root chakras at once. Wearing citrine can attract wealth and prosperity into your life. Citrine is the stone of wisdom and knowledge too. It awakens your life force energy to make you true, genuine and passionate. Explore all about Citrine in this Healing Crystal Handbook in detail!

Which Is The Ruling Planet Of Scorpio?

Mars is the ruler of Scorpio zodiac. It will help you grow your ambitions and tone down your aggression. Mars gives Scorpio courage and balance besides intelligence. Don’t anger Mars, it is the God of War. Pleasing mars by wearing mars stones such as Red coral gives you blessings from mars.  

Which Chakra Does Scorpio Need?

What Does Scorpio Birthstones Bring Into Your Life?

Two chakras are the core energy of any Scorpio.

The first chakra to work on is your Solar Plexus chakra. When the solar plexus is out of tune, you will feel sick all the time. Is this you? To neutralize the bad effects of solar plexus, learn more about solar plexus crystals.  

Sacral chakra is where your life force energy exists. Opening this chakra can help you command energy and stamina for everyday life. Sacral chakra also makes you passionate and determined. Learn all about the power crystals of sacral chakra here.

Use a chakra wand or crystal cluster to align multiple chakras at once!

What Is The Lucky Stone For Scorpio Man?

Vintage Yellow Topaz Crystal Earrings - 925 Sterling SilverEarrings

Yellow Sapphire is considered the birthstone of Scorpio man. If you’re a Scorpio, get a yellow sapphire ring. It will calm your solar plexus chakra besides grounding you. Scorpio man will feel healthy and full of power when yellow sapphire comes into your life. It is a crystal of luck that you can substitute for citrine. Yellow sapphire makes you charismatic and lovable by all.

What Is The Lucky Stone For Scorpio Woman?

Blue Topaz RingRing5

London Blue Topaz is the best stone for a Scorpio woman. It makes her charming and attractive, besides giving her wisdom. Lucky stone blue topaz for Scorpio gives confidence and boost for self-esteem. Wear it to better your communication skills.


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