November Birthstone – Citrine and Topaz

Posted on the 11 September 2019 by Emil Sipos @emilPsipos

In November, there are two beautiful gems that represent the birth stones. These are citrines and topazis. These are also the zodiac stones for the shooter (23 November to 21 December). Topaz is a dynamic birthstone, this can be a variety of colors, from Blue to intense red / orange, while birthstone Ctrine is only in Orange. For everyone who was born in November, one of these gems is the perfect gift. It not only shows that the thought has been put into the gift, but also shows that the permanent nature of the birthstones is a Symbol of permanent friendship.

Topaz Birthstone


The topaz can be colorless, blue, champagne, Yellow, Orange, Red, and pink. As a stone of birth, it is said that this gem creates a balance of emotions in order to promote a harmonious lifestyle. In ancient Egypt it was thought that the yellow variety of Topaz was a representation of the sun God, Ra, because of the strong burning color. For this reason, topazis can be found in many ancient artifacts and talismans.

What is the Christmas stone of November – Citrine and Topaz?

Topaz was often confused with quartz because of similar colours. Champagne Topas were often exchanged for Quartz fumé. The modern test methods, it is easy to distinguish between the two minerals. Topaz is lighter than a beautiful blue color. These gems have been treated with irradiation, which changes the color of the Topaz from brown to brilliant blue. This is a widely accepted treatment, and every Blue place should be treated like this.

Topaz is one of the minerals that determine the MOHS scale. It has a hardness of 8 and is one of the hardest gems.

There are two types of topaz, which should be mentioned. These are valuable Topas and Imperial Topas. The valuable Topaz is the intense yellow Topaz, which is mainly passionate in Brazil. The Imperial Topaz was originally found as a red crystal in Russia and then found in Brazil. These are the most expensive guys in Topaz who will demand a high price.

Birthstone Citrine


Citrine is only available in orange color and belongs to the family of quartz. It is said that this gemstone promotes vitality and promotes health and is generally referred to as healing Quartz. This is also the zodiac sign for the shooter.

The Citrine is a different color from a thin yellow to a strong burning Orange, trying to find the citrine lover. It is a very tough and strong gemstone because it is part of the Quartz family, which comes into a 7 over MOHS and is perfect to be worn as a birth Jewel because it is so resistant.

Citrine is a very common gem with the most important sources from Brazil, Africa and parts of Spain. It is not uncommon to find huge citrine gems.  

The perfect gift for anyone born this month is, of course, your birthstone gem. Bring your local jeweler a beautiful Topaz or zitrino, and let you prepare. These gemstones look great in gold rings and silver rings.

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