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What Do You Stand For?

By Kaidarul @KaiDarul
Salam ladies,
I stand for clean and smoke-free air.
One of my pet peeves is smoke. I really don't like breathing it or even just smelling it from smokers' clothes. Aside from the foul odor, smoking can cause a lot of damages to everyone. This is why I stand for healthy lungs and body, both for smokers and second-hand smokers.
What Do You Stand For?
I have collaborated with to come up with an amazing project. This is a presale campaign for all amazing blog readers who have something to stand for.
Please visit my presale  campaign at
To get a view of some of the products available for you and your advocacy, here are some print-screened photos I did.
What Do You Stand For?
What Do You Stand For?
What Do You Stand For?
These shoes have amazing quality and you are sure that they're durable. They have your advocacies printed on them, too, making what you stand for clear.
Again, to view my presale campaign, hover to
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