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Well Done, the Cocklecarrots!

By Davidduff

There you are, you see, two unbelievable headlines in a row you never expected to read here at D&N!  Not only have I patted 'Dave' on the back, see below, but now I wish to cover Lord Chief Justice Lord Judge, Mr Justice Fulford and Mr Justice Bean with kisses - no, no, your Lordships, no need to remove your judicial gowns and wigs!  They have just reduced the sentence laid down on Sgt. Nightingale, SAS, by some military Cocklecarrot at a Court Martial with less than the statutory three brain cells in his noodle, and then suspended it so that in effect he is free to go home to his family for Christmas.

Well done, the Cocklecarrots!

I know that sometimes I err on the side of excessive curmudgeon when it comes to the Cocklecarrots but, dammit, when they do it right I am also the first to praise them.  When this case first arose I feared the worst but I resisted the urge to write about it because I have just sufficient faith that at the very top good sense would prevail.  It has, and amongst my many Christmas toasts this year - before I fall insensible to the ground - will be a large slug of Scottish 'water' raised in  honour to these three wise men!

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